We are a non profit EU-COALITION AGAINST CYBERTORTURE and Task Force established to create awareness and more of Cybernetic Technology and electronic abuse, such as the illegal data collection and manipulation of humans via brain – machine – interfaces. Coined “Cybertorture” by the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture.

How do we protect people that by utilitarian grounds, without informed consent, are used for brain studies with brain-computer-interfaces in Cyber Psychological Systems, illegal stealing of brain data.

Currently there are no specific laws protecting humans, neither any medical support for them, during Cybertorture. The situation is created by the fact that scientists do not leave any information about the illegal mind reading technologies. They just keep on progressing in their cognitive neuroscience crimes.

This UN report include a definition of “Cybertorture” By the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture.

On February 28, 2020, the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture, Professor Nils Melzer, issued his World Report on “Torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.” This report included a definition of “Cybertorture,” the Crime Against Humanity where millions of targeted victims worldwide are remotely assaulted with Electromagnetic Weapons in actions directed via computer, often from Supercomputers.
(A/HRC/43/49) Cybertorture:
1. A particular area of concern, which does not appear to have received sufficient attention, is the possible use of various forms of information and communication technology (“cybertechnology”) for the purposes of torture. Although the promotion, protection and enjoyment of human rights on the internet has been repeatedly addressed by the Human Rights Council (A/HRC/32/L.20; A/HRC/38/L.10/Rev.1), torture has been understood primarily as a tool used to obstruct the exercise of the right to freedom of expression on the internet, and not as a violation of human rights that could be committed through the use of cybertechnology.
2. This seems surprising given that some of the characteristics of cyber-space make it an environment highly conducive to abuse and exploitation, most notably a vast power asymmetry, virtually guaranteed anonymity, and almost complete impunity. States, corporate actors and organized criminals not only have the capacity to conduct cyberoperations inflicting severe suffering on countless individuals, but may well decide to do so for any of the purposes of torture. It is therefore necessary to briefly explore, in a preliminary manner, the conceivability and basic contours of what could be described as “cybertorture”.
3. In practice, cybertechnology already plays the role of an “enabler” in the perpetration of both physical and psychological forms of torture, most notably through the collection and transmission of surveillance information and instructions to interrogators, through the dissemination of audio or video recordings of torture or murder for the purposes of intimidation, or even live streaming of child sexual abuse “on demand” of voyeuristic clients (A/HRC/28/56, para.71), and increasingly also through the remote control or manipulation of stun belts (A/72/178, para.51), medical implants and, conceivably, nanotechnological or neurotechnological devices.1 Cybertechnology can also be used to inflict, or contribute to, severe mental suffering while avoiding the conduit of the physical body, most notably through intimidation, harassment, surveillance, public shaming and defamation, as well as appropriation, deletion or manipulation of information.
4. The delivery of serious threats through anonymous phone calls has long been a widespread method of remotely inflicting fear. With the advent of the internet, State security services in particular have been reported to use cybertechnology, both in their own territory and abroad, for the systematic surveillance of a wide range of individuals and/or for direct interference with their unhindered access to cyber technology.2 Electronic communication services, social media platforms and search engines provide an ideal environment both for the anonymous delivery of targeted threats, sexual harassment and extortion and for the mass dissemination of intimidating, defamatory, degrading, deceptive or discriminatory narratives.
5. Individuals or groups systematically targeted by cybersurveillance and cyberharassment are generally left without any effective means of defence, escape, or self-protection and, at least in this respect, often find themselves in a situation of “powerlessness” comparable to physical custody. Depending on the circumstances, the physical absence and anonymity of the perpetrator may even exacerbate the victim’s emotions of helplessness, loss of control, and vulnerability, not unlike the stress-augmenting effect of blindfolding or hooding during physical torture. Likewise, the generalized shame inflicted by public exposure, defamation and degradation can be just as traumatic as direct humiliation by perpetrators in a closed environment.3 As various studies on cyber-bullying have shown, already harassment in comparatively limited environments can expose targeted individuals to extremely elevated and prolonged levels of anxiety, stress, social isolation and depression, and significantly increases the risk of suicide.4 Arguably, therefore, much more systematic, government-sponsored threats and harassment delivered through cybertechnologies not only entail a situation of effective powerlessness, but may well inflict levels of anxiety, stress, shame and guilt amounting to “severe mental suffering” as required for a finding of torture.5
6. More generally, in order to ensure the adequate implementation of the prohibition of torture and related legal obligations in present and future circumstances, its interpretation should evolve in line with new challenges and capabilities arising in relation to emerging technologies not only in cyberspace, but also in areas such as artificial intelligence, robotics, nanotechnology and neurotechnology, or pharmaceutical and biomedical sciences, including so-called “human enhancement”.
1. Al Elmondi, “Next-generation nonsurgical neurotechnology”, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, available at
2 See Human Rights Council resolutions 32/13 and 38/7. See, most notably, the 2013 disclosures by Edward Snowden of the global surveillance activities conducted by the United States National Security Agency and its international partners, see Ewan Macaskill and Gabriel Dance, “NSA files: decoded – what the revelations mean for you”, The Guardian, 1 November 2013.
3 Pau Pérez-Sales, “Internet and torture” (forthcoming).
4 Ann John and others, “Self-harm, suicidal behaviours, and cyberbullying in children and young people: systematic review”, Journal of Medical Internet Research, vol. 20, No. 4 (2018); Rosario Ortega and others, “The emotional impact of bullying and cyberbullying on victims: a European cross-national study”, Aggressive Behavior, vol. 38, No. 5 (September/October 2012).
5 Samantha Newbery and Ali Dehghantanha, “A torture-free cyber space: a human right”, 2017.




Article 1 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU (2000) states that “Human dignity is inviolable. It must be respected and protected”. In a highly information and communications technology-based world, this fundamental human right and basic ethical principle is facing an increasing threat. The European Coalition Task Force against Cybertorture is a not-for-profit Coalition found to STOP the problem of non-consensual experimentation, using remote Cyber Psychological Systems like cognitive radio influencing technologies and techniques on the human mind and body. We propose clear ethical boundaries to regulate their use and to handle this situation to regulate new technologies and use AI control mechanisms by independent and impartial investigators. The evidence gathered could then be used to convict criminals easier and quicker in the future.


The European Coalition Task Force against Cybertorture is established to raising awareness to the legal systems as well as to the medical and scientific community to the crime of illegal biomedical and weaponry research committed on citizens in the European Union and beyond. As a European network, The Coalition acts as a lobbying and advocacy platform towards the EU and more. Using our international network of scientific and technology experts, partners in civil and human rights organizations as well as important stakeholders in civil society, we provide consultancy services to the EU Institutions based on our expertise. The Coalitions organizational goal is to influence EU legislation and the decision-making process in calling for a worldwide ban on weapons that might enable any form of manipulation of human beings.


  • Awareness-raising campaigns to disseminate information and mobilize public opinion on the issue of covert CYBER technologies and techniques that enable the manipulation of human beings.
  • Providing expert consultancy to key decision-makers on the creation of appropriate EU legislation to protect civil citizens from cyber covert crimes.
  • Organizing networking events (workshops, seminars, conferences) involving all actors concerned to exchange experiences and best practices for the establishment of clear ethical boundaries to strictly regulate the use of cybersystems enabling the manipulation and control of human beings.


It is our philosophy that all men are equal before the law. Everybody’s right to life shall be protected. Nobody shall be subjected to torture or held in slavery. Any technologies and techniques capable of endangering the human physical and/or psychological health, to modify the individuals’ autonomy and affect their dignity should be strictly prohibited.

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The MOST IMPORTANT QUESTIONS! There is no established legal protection for the human subject when researchers use Brain Machine Interface (cybernetic technology) to reverse engineer the human brain. The progressing neuroscience using brain-machine-interface will enable those in power to push the human mind wide open for inspection. Facebook is building brain-computerinterfaces “Do you want to […]

255 thoughts on “Cybertorture

  1. I am a Victim of Illegal Implantation of Bio-Nanotechnology being Operated by A “Kernel” Operating System for the Purpose of Human DATA Trafficking, Illegal Research & Experimentation, and Pre-Meditated Cyber-Torture and Murder to Destroy any Witness / Evidence – I have Hired Professional Scientists, Private Investigators, DATA Companies, Legal, and Medical Personal to Obtain Substantial Conclusive, Indisputable Evidence “Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt” to take Them to Federal Criminal, FISA, and Civil Courts – I have Already Filed an International Case with the International Tribunal for Natural Justice and Mandamus Action with the Attorney General for a Grand Jury Investigation – I have Filed FOIA Requests, and Complaints with all of my Evidence of this to the DHS – 4 Departments, the Secret Service, DARPA – The Pentagon, the FCC Enforcement Bureau, FTIA Dept. of Commerce, and the NSA – I have Case Numbers for all Federal Intelligence and Law Enforcement. I also Filed FOIA Requests to All Defendants Listed in my Case – See Testimony Link under my Employment Skills – The Federal Government Refuses to take Action on These Terrorist to Help Stop this “Terrorism”, Crimes of Human Trafficking, Treason, Torture, and Murder. There are Millions of us in the United States and Around the World. If something is not Done – they will Complete their DATA Research and Every Man, Women, and Child will be under “Control” by the Deep State / Shadow Government. The Corporations Doing this have a CUSIP Investment Fund on the “Kernel” in My Name, and Account Number in My Frequency (4827.448 Mhz) for $227,293,000.00 – Thank You, and God Bless you. I Pray the Western Nations Returns to the Mana Carta, and Constitutions, and Return to their Roots in Judean Christianity to Destroy the Evil that has Infiltrated Every Government. See my LINKEDIN ARTICLES, Profiles, on Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter for Substantial Articles, Videos.

    Thank You Magnus Olsson, Melanie Vritschan, Lilianna DeLucca Connor, and Everyone Who is Fighting this “WAR” on the Corporations, Military, and Government Agencies around the World.

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    1. I am a victim of Cyber torture here in the west coast of Canada, Victoria, British Columbia. Over the years, they used Military Grade Electronic Devices on civilians and I recorded and documented each and everything to show to UN, and Human Rights Groups. I do think what I have documented is an important evidence that these dangerous devices are used on civilians against their will. I can be reached at


      1. Hi I want to make everybody aware on my father’s a neuropsychologist for the prison system and you can develop schizophrenia after the age of 30 there’s no documented case of this schizophrenia normally comes from a child having an imaginary friend and that imaginary friend developing into you know what voice or an imagination so when doctors just automatically write it off as you know schizophrenia in your supply in your forties or something like that that’s not where it develops that they know they’re not running proper tests they’re not doing an actual diagnosis it’s called the part of the criminal system that they have set up probably think you’re more patients into psychiatric facilities where they actually get about $700 per day supposed to lock in somebody in jail which would get them about $60 per day. I hope everyone gets saved soon. Love, peace, freedom and human rights.

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      2. Correcting a typo you cannot develop schizophrenia after the age of 30 there is not one documented case of this honestly sorry for the typo.

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    2. I’m a middle age female and victim of Cyber-neuro-torture here in Australia. It’s been going on for a year and I don’t know what to do. Nobody can help me. I can’t talk about it. They’ve implanted nanobots in me somehow. These reside in my distal limbs and i feel them swim up to my head. They burn around my skull. My cognition is affected. They cause pain to varying degrees, sometimes it’s very intense. The nanotechnology is operating in conjunction with some frequencies. It also makes me identifiable and trackable on the grid, because even when I’m on foot and leave my phone at home, they still affect me. I struggle to walk these days, or even get up. I struggle to think. It’s painful. I have a family who doesn’t understand and I can’t tell them. It took me a year to figure out what was wrong. I realized, after they started mocking me on social media about what they were doing. I was a perfectly healthy person until a year ago. It happened suddenly. Somehow they put these things in me. It’s destroying me and I don’t know what to do. I just want them to stop but they keep doing it 😦


      1. I myself believe that I am a victim of this horrible, terrible crime.I have been made to think I am mentally ill and suffer from physcosis.I have been experiencing this v2k for at least six years or so.The people that I hear I know very well.Im so confused as to why they would do this to me.Thry are accusing me of terrible things that I have proof that never happened.Im so glad that I came across your website.I found it through a website that signs petions.It should be clear to me and everyone that this is really happening to me because on my FB page there is a link that someone posted,I did not put it there!I’m not sure how it got there and I’m not even really sure if it’s real or not because they mess with my head so much.Its like a fun game to them I think.They tell me how no one cares about me.They use the worst of language.They tell me no one loves me.That my husband doesn’t love me,they say he is in love with my sister.They tell me to get out of here.Like meaning for me to die.They say that they are going to blow my heart up in to tiny little pieces.Then my heart will literally hurt.feels like my chest is in a vice gript.They will tell my husband to scartch his head if he wants to be with my sister and he will literally scratch his head, Everytime.They tell him kick his leg and he will.He gets so upset with me because at first I was getting upset and asking why he was scratching or kicking but now I know he probably doesn’t even realize what is going on.I have been doing research on this stuff and I reliazed they can make him move unconstionaly.Mind control.or whatever kind of technology they have gotten their hands on.Their goal was to kill me I believe but God has his hand on me and is protecting me.I will hear them say stupid bitch got the holy ghost.whats so special about this dumb bitch?They have some how made me believe that they have me in a spiders nest.I swear I really feel like I’m in a spiders mouth it feels like a spiders nest if you can even imagine that,I know it’s hard to but I am telling you the truth.I also will feel stuff crawling around on me.They will say your husband threw a spider at you and it will feel like something was thrown at me literally.They will tell me he put a spider in my ear while we are laying in bed together and my ear will hurt.They have said that they have blown the veins out in my arms when I’m trying to do something like write or here recently evacuate for a major hurricane.Hurricaine Laura,we were right in it’s path and it was mandatory evacuation.I could not even try and save my stuff at my house because both of my arms were hurting so bad.They mess with my bladder and bowels all the time.They tell me I have a big butt whole and make fun of me telling me that I smell.make me urinate on myself sometimes.They constantly make fun of me call me names.I can hear them saying she’s not going be with him, talking about my husband that I have been with going on four years now and married to him a year and a half now.They say my sister will kill herself if he stays with me.This is my own father I keep hearing.My sister,who is by the way supposed to be in state jail right now and was in Newton County Texas for months until she went to state jail.I reliaze it’s impossible to keep hearing her but yet I do.I hear my step mom as well.I also hear a couple of men I don’t know.I believe that they are in law enforcement though.They say they have been trying to kill me for a long time now.They say my nose has been broken sixteen times,Wich it looks like my nose has really been broken.They say they have broken my daughters nose dive times I think.And it’s questionable to that also.There is a crook in her nose.She is only twelve and lives with these people.They say they have been putting spider eggs inside me all of my openings for yrs and yrs now.They say they have also been putting them in my children.I have three kids.They brag about hurting my children and me and brag of murders that they have committed.I keep hearing now Jeffrey you better leave this bitch alone or your going be in prison.They have said they have done so many terrible things and they are bragging about this.I have tried to find out if or what was really happening.I have called my local police to my home three times.I have emailed Orange county Texas.I have texted our sheriff,even sent him what I believe to be proof pictures of stuff.asking him for help.He did not even text me back.I have filled a complaint in Orange county.I have emailed a few lawerys trying to get help.I have tons of pictures of evidence of what I believe to prove this.I do not have the money for a private investigator.and I don’t want to look stupid or get in any trouble in case I really just have a mental disorder.I have even emailed the Texas rangers.wich they sent me a phone number and this number will not take video or pictures because I have a video and a picture of my son’s puppy.The puppy all the sudden got sick and I think they put a fishing luir inside it.Anyway I have to cut it off now as my husband gets upset with me over this he thinks I’m just crazy and gets upset whenever I try and figure it out

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      2. Hello, I became target. At first I did not understand what was happening. My work as an energy healer and core faith guided me away from what was happening. Like you, I couldn’t confide in anyone for fear of ridicule. Finding this website validated what I already knew.

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      3. LJ, Know you are not alone in all of this! You figured all of this out in One year, that is much much faster than most of us T.I.’s seem to get it (I’m embarrassed to say how long it took me, LOL). You are likely a smart woman who had intended on continuing to work towards the goals you have set before this came at you out of nowhere. The Good News is that this happened to you fairly late since the programs inception. Meaning that their are several groups, coalitions, human rights activists, lawyers, doctors and scientists working extremely hard to fight for the TI Community as a whole!!! 10 years ago it was difficult to find any information about the TI Program. Luckily we have some really strong people who refused to give up, instead they have chosen to fight! We are now closer to gaining huge awareness and implementing solutions then we ever have been. Sometimes, I too, feel so alone and can’t believe the lack of help from the people you care about the most in your life, I totally get it. When I’m having a terrible day, I try to remember the good days and then I know I’m due for a good day anytime now! As far as your getting your family to understand what has happened and is happening may I suggest a short paperback written by a psychologist (she is a TI) called “Hey Mom, I’m a Targeted Individual”. It’s helpful for any siblings or any really close friends who want to understand what’s going on with you. You can purchase it on Amazon. Some of your family & friends will be hesitant of reading it because once they admit this as the truth they also loose any faith they had in the policing & security of the world – that is pretty damn scary to some. Anyway, I sure hope my ramblings are helpful! If you ever want to reach out to me here in Canada feel free to email at the address I’ve included.
        Stay Strongand always remember that you are worthy of living a good life, no matter what people say to you!! YOU ARE WORTHY!!

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    3. It is nice to see that there is more recognition gained around such a topic but I need advice on how to protect myself.

      I cannot peacefully sleep at night and that was not always the case when I moved in to this new home. Now, I experience many sensations at night, and am forced awake. The windows in my room become so heavily condensed but other rooms are not. I sleep in the spare room these days and am starting to wake up to condensed windows again.
      Tonight, I woke up to see it and noticed that the windows of my vacant bedroom are also condensed.
      All other windows around the home were clear.

      And I’m not even going to go in details about the invasive pulsating sensations and sudden sharp pains that I experience….

      What devices are being used?
      And how do I protect myself especially during sleep?

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      1. Metal obstructs electromagnetic frequencies. Sheet metal in various forms for starters. (Look into what goes into the construction of Faraday cages.)
        Also check with LessEMF (online) for information regarding products that can be used to obstruct these frequencies. In addition to other items, they sell copper-based paint which obstructs the penetration of frequencies through walls, as well as methods for obstructing windows.
        You must sleep in a particularly cold environment. While electromagnetic frequencies can heat, they don’t ordinarily cause condensation on windows.
        You wouldn’t happen to live within several miles of a high-rise, line-of-sight cell tower, would you?
        Good luck!

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      2. Really appreciate your message. Thank you for responding, and I mean that because usually response is not something I ever get.

        Yes, I do sleep in a cold environment, but there is no cell tower in sight. Should it even have been the case, then how would the waves track me to the spare room that was always vacant and resume the same activities that forced me out of sleeping in my own bedroom room? And why even continue attacking my bedroom when I’m not in it? And how is it even possible to become so heavily condensed yet my housemate’s bedroom room is barely condensed?

        My housemate who has lived here for many years prior to me moving in has never seen anything like this or felt pulsations this strong that occur repeatedly at nighttime.
        Even when we’re downstairs in the living room doing what normal people do, we would experience sudden pulsation attacks that at times I would feel it so strong that it makes it hard to stay seated on the couch.

        Too much is going on here that I cannot score out as accidental…

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      3. ‘Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Laptop needed repairs.
        It sounds to me like both you and your housemate are being targeted, with you being the primary focus.
        The fact that you can’t see a cell tower from your home is not a determining factor. Cell towers can have an effective range of 15 miles. All that is required is targeting coordinates. It may be that, at this point, all that is being used where your bedroom is concerned is targeting coordinates. Otherwise, if radar were being used for for tracking and imaging, you would be targeted as you move; and specific areas of your anatomy would be targeted, like fingers and nerve points. Much more precise and painful than mere pulsations, in other words.
        My recommendation is that you focus on obstructions, at this point, as previously discussed. And no, this is not accidental. Antenna systems employing anti-personnel frequencies can be positioned in a wide variety of locations.
        Good luck!


      4. Actually, that is very much the case. It comes and goes throughout the day.

        I only mentioned the bedrooms because they leave questionable and undisputed signs of being targeted.
        e.g. Last night, I stayed up downstairs in the lounge until 4:30am. I have never done that before. I was sitting in the dark listening to music. Suddenly, I was forced to leave; not because of the occasional waves that come and go, but because of the stinging sensation inflicted on me. I headed to my empty bedroom and the checked the windows. They were partially condensed.

        My attacks range from sharp concentrated piercing sensation (to which I can get cuts from every now and then, but the latest ones seem to go deeper without leaving marks) to heavier ‘waves’ that create a deep all-body stinging sensation even when I am inside my EMI shielded sleeping bag.
        From feeling heart pains to feeling nerve pains, this is not natural behaviours of my body. Times I wake up feeling like my internal organs have been abused. A lot of pain. My female areas and my head seem to be a point of interest for them.
        Many things I never knew were as possible are happening to me now. I’m still struggling to make sense of it.

        My housemate used to also sleep very well before this started to happen. Now he complains of stiff muscles, sore stomach, sore sides (left especially) and pressure around the head also.

        I have an idea of who these individuals are because my stalking experience started from before I came to Ireland. I actually hoped to start fresh when I reached this isolated rural place, but their obsession with me has not waned. They were such amateurs then, and now to be like this is truly bewildering. To ‘live’ such a life in such way is truly tragic.

        PS: I live in neighbourhood where former and present Police live. In fact, we’re sharing a wall with one by living in a semi-detached property.


      5. Where’d you get the EMI Sleeping Bag? Does it work? I’m sorry for our situation. I will be praying for you.


      6. These weapons systems are also portable. Microwaves penetrate walls. An EMF detector would help you determine if the police officer next door is involved. All the more reason to paint your walls with copper-based paint. My suggestion is that you stop complaining and take steps to obstruct the targeting.


      7. Thank you for your reply.

        What is needed now for TI’s:

        – Financial assistance for purchasing devices and materials for obstruction. Usually, they’re forced to keep spending on this so we can always be financially struggling.
        So where is that support?

        – Genuine emotional support for when things get hard, which could be something that could also benefit the UN Task Force.
        So where is it?

        – Assistance creating groups on the ground. Could be a potential that this UN task force may want to look in on in this fight against cyber torture.
        You have an October Awareness Month, but where is the collective strategy and mobilisation to effectively get the message out there? Where is the information for TI’s on how to go about making change by building a collective case in the country they reside? etc.

        Genuine questions


      8. TIs don’t get financial support. Obstructions aren’t that expensive, if you use your imagination. There are a large number of groups on the internet which provide emotional support to fellow TIs. As to UN intervention, keep on hoping.

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    4. Hi everyone I’m a defense contractor and was also targeted. The implant is produced by Intel. BLACKCUBE is a Jewish spy and espionage firm operation headquarters inside Intel. This is what they do plus protecting sexual abusers …… Alot of hollywood celebrities and connections is who is operating this. I have made some steps to try to shut down. Peace, love, privacy and human rights to feel free.


    5. Greetings , I have an identical problem how do you tell me how you found out your chasota what devices can help me I have 24 hours communication with a group of people I can talk to them mentally and hear them plus they put me dreams , how can I identify this chip as I understand that in the brain I did a CT scan and there are suspicious points on the skull. Tell me can jammers of cellular communication help me block them , how did you find out your frequency? I will be very grateful to you! Strength and patience to you!

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  2. We are trying to figure out why LEIDOS INC has been running NIH’s cancer research lab and not long ago took over the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD). The lab is probably the country’s largest for the study of cancer, and Leidos Inc is one of America’s biggest contributors to the development of DIRECTED ENERGY delivery systems. Why would a known destroyer of life, Leidos, be linked like this to a known preserver of life, NIH? Find us at


    1. Yes, I am too. They blackmail me and try to sexually humiliate me, not only V2K, but they also stimulate me Perps. They claim to be a pedophile, I love rape, I am impotent and further humiliating.


  3. Who do I write to make this cyber torture stop I am in America.
    It has been happening to me for the past ten years


  4. Hello from Canada. Thank you to all involved in managing the information on this website. It is very important. I have experienced many of the effects of what I believe is cyber torture while living in 2 major Canadian cities. I was wondering if I could have the contact info of one of those managing this site. God bless all of you who are experiencing this horrific abuse.
    The book “The Devil Beside Me: Gang Stalking, The Secret War and How to Win” has been helpful for me, even though I don’t agree with everything the author writes. I hope it will be helpful to some TI’s out there. Thank you to the organizers of this website. Your work is very important.

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    1. Hi,

      I am a targeted individual living in Brisbane qld Australia.

      I have messaged the United Nations
      And I am trying to gather evidence.

      It is nano tech that is controlled with rf and wireless tech


      1. Intel produces a chip like neaural dust you can google that. But I believe it all came from US operation thin thread. You can find a redacted copy on wiki.


    1. Mariola TI-Poland
      As a contact person, on behalf of Polish TI🇵🇱 I am asking you to add Poland to the list of countries where horrible tortures are carried out on innocent people.
      The attacks are aimed at individuals and entire families, and we suffer silently😔😔
      You are our Hope
      Thank you for that❤️


    1. That is what I experience as well. I tried all kinds of security’s on my devices,even with Vpn they seem to see everything what I see. I am shot daily with some kind of d.e.w. I live in Belgium. But how can they do it ?


  5. I am a victim on non consensual human experimentation cyber human trafficking and torture victim by v2k synthetic telepathy microwaves and electromagnetic frequencies cyber stalking neighborhood stalking electronic harrassment etc since 2011


  6. 我是来自中国的脑控受害者,为了摆脱脑控我来到意大利生活,在意大利生活了两年每天24小时不断被各种攻击使我全身到处都是伤,我从2012年被脑控到现在,像我这样的在中国有成千上万,希望你们能够重视中国的受害者,我这里有受害者单

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  7. 我是安徽人来自澳洲墨尔本,我被脑控一年多了,很痛苦,24小时颅内骂人声音,侮辱声音,家里噪音,思维判断受限制,澳洲电话0426503218,hi, I come from Australia Melbourne, I have been mind-controlled(v2k) for more than a years, 24 hours of intracranial verbal abuse, house noise infection, my phone number 0426503218


  8. I am a victim from Hunan province, China, tortured by v2k synthetic telepathy microwaves and electromagnetic frequencies cyber stalking neighborhood stalking electronic harrassment etc .


  9. I’m a chinese victim by mind control weapon, I have been mind controled for more than three and a half years. Twenty-four hours of intracranial verbal abuse, house noise infection. I lived in Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China. Hope for help and justice badly.


  10. help me! I am a victim of v2K electronic torture in China. I have been persecuted by electronic spirit for 8 years since 2012. During this time I suffered from 24 hours of uninterrupted intracranial transmission, all day in computer-generated sound harassment. They also suffered from severe sleep deprivation, which at its worst prevented them from sleeping for three months. In addition, I am frequently hit by electromagnetic radiation, and my whole body has hot wounds. I have done a simple electromagnetic radiation detection, the results showed that the electromagnetic radiation seriously exceeded.
    The local victims of V2K electronic torture in China, because they could not stand the torture, repeatedly asked the Chinese government for help or propagated v2K electronic torture, but they were all brutally suppressed by the Chinese government without exception. Use police force to harass victims, or unlawfully and forcibly hold psychiatric hospitals! I also asked for help from the government for many times, but instead inexplicably suffered police harassment and intimidation family, destroy my work, as well as illegal detention prison and psychiatric hospital! The motives of the Chinese government are unknown!
    I hope that UN agencies can seriously pay attention to the v2K victims of electronic torture in China, and urge the Chinese government to pay attention to and solve the Chinese victims for help! My telephone number is 17688685935. My name is Huang Lin


  11. I am a 59-year-old man currently living in Vancouver Washington USA and have been targeted for going on three years now. Some of the perpetrators electronically harassing me with voice to skull, and remote neural monitoring as well as gang stalking, car tailing, and street theater are my next door neighbors, Eugene O, Emily Carter, and Emily’s sister Emele(?). They can hear or see my thoughts on their devices and speak to me inside my head with their electronic weaponry. They say the most horrid things imaginable. I have suffered greatly at their hands (physically, mentally, and financially) but cannot legally prove what they are doing, they’re always one step ahead of me due to their ability to know what I’m thinking. I as many others on here need help! Your site mentions radio frequency spectrum guarding mechanisms controlled by AI to protect people like me. Where and how can I get such a device?


    1. Use their ability to your advantage. Get creative. Brainstorm. Throw them off. Learn or teach yourself to let your mind go blank. Stop being predictable. Become unpredictable in your life. Of course they hate it when you do that because it makes their work harder. Make them work for everything. Maybe they will get tired.


      1. Thank goodness. Someone recognises that they have the ability to fight. I found that coders use unhealed emotions to gain control. Black emotions. Buried emotions. Energy linking through radio waves. Synchronised sounds and smells.

        The highest gamma wave of the brain is what coders seek. People who have a high wave length (more seratonin).

        There are many quick ways in which people can disconnect the frequency.

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  12. I am a targeted individual from the U.S. I have experienced all of the assortment of methods that is used for attacks. I have been thoroughly discredited as I have been put in psychiatric hospitals several times because of my targeting. I know these atrocities will one day be fully exposed. Of course I hope that day comes in my lifetime. Their is enough flaws to their system that makes them vulnerable. Even though there’s a wide range of attacks, almost all targets have experienced all of them at some point. A single target’s story is easily dismissed as a severe mental disorder. When you stack a hundred target’s story together, all telling the same story, it starts to raise a few eyebrows. We just got to hang in there, one day we will get the understanding, the dignity we have been robbed of.

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  13. They can:
    – Read your mind
    – See your past memories
    – Plant new memories
    – They connect your brain to living brains, solitary brains as in out if the body living brains
    -These brains can get into your dreams
    -This is lethal technology. They can kill you at any time
    -The human mind has been hacked. It should be against the law
    -They literally invade your mind and see and hear your thoughts, see your memories and see your dream
    -They can interfere in your thoughts
    – This is done through brains
    -They can program your mind
    -They can program you into killing or committing suicide


  14. this is great!! lets kick some perp butt,

    im Henric from FINLAND, ti fore 15 – 20 years and it sox, EVRYTHING THE INTERNET TALKS ABOUGHT, the avatar things and reap, kill threats and voice to skull and the two way talks troue the nights and days with all the pain and sofering, lerning to talk like a parrat and speak the perps words.. teeth breaking do to the ione hell and radar stuff,. and the elf wepon thing,. lets get the bastards..


  15. We are slowly gaining more global recognition on the malfeasance of organized gangstalking and psychotronic weapon/ neurological weapon. Directed energy weapon causing sleep deprivation.Plausible denial will shatter soon, as there will be more evidence of targeted activist die mysteriously. Now, is the time to campaign before it’s too late, remember what happened to intellectual and brightest of Poland during WW2 that got targeted for execution by Gestapo.


  16. I have been going through all the things torture, sexual torture, horrible dream and raping me! The list goes on! Please HELP ME!


    1. Where are you? I’m in Cali. I can give you contact info. Atleast for support.
      Text back here and we can open up communications.


  17. My name is Zachariah Fitzpatrick.
    I have been targeted for I don’t know how long but started noticing voices around 2016. Please, help me. Contact my Facebook account. Zachariah Fitzpatrick.


    1. Live your life to the fullest! And remember any type of anxiety you feel it them not you. They’ll never leave so take advantage of your life and be free with or without them. And don’t listen to them.


    2. Hello Zachariah, I wasn’t which Zachariah you are on Facebook. I am holistic counsellor. The moon voice is an old metaphysical method.


  18. Hidden Terrorism,Corruption, Extortion, drug trafficking, sex trafficking including with children,terroristic harrassment , use of energy, acoustic,sonic weapons,devices ,occurring in Sturgis Michigan and lagrange Indiana by police,public safety departments and a company called Morgan Olson located in this areas.Electronic Harassment, Voice to Human-Skull,Hearing, the forcement 24/7 of projected noice,voices to a individual’s head,hearing, for sleep deprivation, Extortion, Manipulation, torture,terrorism, inflict mental disease. harass, inflict pain,false imprisonment, death.similar to the sonic attacks that occurred to the American diplomats in Cuba,China.A systematic campaign … to emotionally and psychologically terrorize….


  19. I’ve been a non consenting human experiment since I was in my 20s I’ve suffered immensely under many facets of this evil. I’m still being tortured 27 years later. I’m Tired Enough is Enough. We deserve justice, recognition and compensation to the degree that our children’s children’s children will be aware of it because the amount of psychological trauma alone has significantly impacted our DNA, and I’ve been here since the beginning of the genome project. Oh Lord and People of the U.N please help us the Bible says we will be the Head and Not the tail.

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  20. I have been hearing voices the last 3 years lately they been making death threats because I been saying that I was gonna get ahold of a lawyer. 1st they started off saying that they were doing a documentary about helping me with my substance abuse and that me and my son were gonna be the world’s next best thing on they fed me a lot of thoughts about having all this fancy things and no problem with money I was gonna be financially set. Lately they been all mad at me saying rude stuff about me and my family with death threats they even said that they were a satinatic group of people and they were gonna rape my daughter and slit my son’s throat I don’t know what to do and need help on what to do everyone I tell don’t believe me and I have no 1 to turn to so if anyone can help please let me know as I am scared for my life


    1. I have been remotely bullied by these cowards for going on 8 years now. They do mental telepathy using cell towers, hear my thoughts, see what I see, make me feel things like someone tapping my shoulder, have sexually abused me as “ghosts”, which I actually can see and talk too, tried to turn me into a pedophile (and are pedophiles themselves). They remotely control my computers and phones, like about everything, are cowardly bullies and claim to be ghosts themselves. I’ve offered to make them ghosts several times, but they refused. Anyone with any information or a law enforcement agency that won’t laugh at me, please phone 9092433220, or


      1. We have an identical problem, please email me. I speak Russian myself, so I’m sorry if the translator is wrong. As I understand it, you have figured out how to calculate the neurochip, and I really ask you to help me with your experience.


  21. Like Bruce Fournier says when and how we can get help from that guarding mechanisms controlled by AI to protect people like us? This is the most important before everything else because you can find no info nor in internet nor anywhere thinking that you even are not believed if you ask for help and the perpetrators know this.


    1. The perpetrators manipulate human consciousness .It doesn’t matter if we defend ourselves even though they know it, but precisely because they see that we are defending ourselves and we are not at their will.


  22. I want to report that the main culprit is SenseTime for all of the cyber torture breakthroughs that are currently in place in the internet today.
    Regardless of if you believe in conspiracy theories or not, or if you have ever been labeled as an schizo, you can be assured that these are all part of the greater tactics in place to attempt to shut down the information gathering processes that would lead to an arrest or an charge of a crime against an international terrorist organization. The best and most complete series of information related to the crimes that have been committed are located at and if you follow along with the clues, you will see that everything points to SenseTime as being the culprit behind it all.


  23. I have a Federal Lawsuit Pending against the Federal Government.

    20-cv-002237 is my Civil Case Lawsuit#.

    It’s currently Pending. I filed my lawsuit against the CIA, NSA, DOD, US Army, and the Pentagon.

    I was hoping and praying that Prof. Nils Mezler could try and contact myself in person or by phone. I was hoping for United Nations support and help with my lawsuit in the Federal District Courthouse.

    Is there anyway I can get United Nations support and help with my lawsuit? Please?

    I have some scientific evidence that I am a targeted Mind Control victim. I can show you proof of what I have.

    Can you help?

    443-763-7691 cell


  24. I have been a TI since 2005 when nanotechnology and nano weapons became a practical reality and remote nanofield microwave neuro hearing became available. Prior to 2005 and the existence nanotechnology manufactured products, only old microwave audio transmission existed. As proven by the true story of the CIA spy in the movie Breach. If neuro hearing existed, the movie would have never happened. Perps aren’t working for the government. They work for American nano terrorist cells that are now all over the world. The right and exact absolute fact of who is doing it is easy to locate and prove if you know how it began beyonda shadow of doubt, but not enough room hear to tell it all. It’s nanotechnology magnetic interface light field. As many T.I.s know including myself know, they can see your future. I know who created the interface formula. Does anyone know the date or the October UN meeting on cyber-torture?


    1. Can see your future? How so if we continue losing soldiers in battles, howd the terrorists attacks happen six 6 years after the date you suggested? Reguardless your future is shaped dah by day and movement by moverlment, most which are subconcious… anyway, i want to hear more of what you have to say email me.


  25. I worked for the oil and gas industry for 24 years. Due to a medical negligence issue in 2009 I have been medically abused for 12 years. 11 in Canada and 1 running from the abuse abroad. The doctors of Calgary Alberta, (Select individuals) have somehow attained a status of above the law. There are people who have put a GPS track on me. I left Canada after these individuals gained access to my Telus pure fibre network in my house. Medical Regenetation in the US and surgery with follow-up care in Costa Rica. Due the Gps’s track these individuals have been able to geofence my personal residence in Costa Rica no different than in Calgary Alberta (used internal network). In two years since the bio sensor abuse started my health has declined to the point that I need a right to die order signed. They told me here at the hospital that it is me not the host issue as per the same story in canada. 2nd time in private hospital in costa rica. Was not allowed to open bank account etc. Return to Canada so I have support from my family during the bio sensor abuse etc. Was having bio sensors used on in the rocky view hospital in what they called the no pain medication unit in Calgary. As a free women of Canada I believe the police should do their jobs and find the computers and laptops that healthcare has infected with the mom.exe embedded softwares. My communication has been intermittent at best due to the criminals as well. These individuals are doctors (scientists) but seem to be above the law. Full evidence in Costa Rica but not healthy enough to bring evidence back to Canada. Sine waves in my correlated galvanised steel roof. Took several months for one side and 3 months to sine wave the other side. Look up off grid geofenceing. Criminals have been censorshipping my emails, text, and voice calling. Is there any way for a women to choose as the bio sensors are aimed at personal areas. Pitch frequencies at approximately 18,000. Seem to be having a lot of issues with meridians around the ears causing nerve issues. Seems like the noise is causing breakdown issues with my nervous system not to mention the three point wiring harness I had under my first rental car. Most of the discovery of the GPS issues etc have been found since out of Canada.names involved in Calgary. If a women is going to be abused to death in front of people and left convulsing on her deck until death while her body ceases up. Check out the fine research of Hamid ebadi at all of his fine volunteers. Nathan Lawrence of ab health involved, Graham Caldwell, steven Eric Bowen, Aida kuberhoff. All doctors, all abuser’s. Ask them about what they put on social media about a person they did not know. The bio sensors actually could be felt hitting the skin and to muscle, tits, ass, central nervous system. believe there are others in ab but are being told they have medical illness. This app has been used via healthcare cellphone and I have been hit twice on star alliance flights and once in Canada on a WestJet airline. Believe a social circle associate if Nathan Lawrence’s could explain if they set the 911 medical alert code off and has access to the cell legally required system carried by cell providers. Not only do emergency departments have these the Alberta medical does as well. These Criminals also did not choose to come forward prior to covid alerts. May have exasperated the issue. My concern as women born free in Canada is that we have lost our charter rights to protect white collared men who have no respect for women. Who in there right mind would create a cyber dildo app called mom.exe with bio sensors. I am asking for my charter rights to be given back and all women to be give the right to a safe future free of these peoples abuses. I am asking for equality under the law, I am asking for no cruel and unusual punishment and asking why I was refused legal service while in canada, ab told an Ontario law firm they could not represent. What date did Canada decriminalize the health care system. My life is over unless someone the moment I leave moves me with signal jammers 108 miles inland from the ocean and no civilian signalling around me. Any ideas or should I have to commit suicide?????? Stemmed for 250,000 Canadian to date due to Criminals taking two safe homes from me in different countries. Brings new perspective to being stalked by a sociopath I knew as an x medical practitioner. Grandparents and great grandparent fought in first and 2nd world wars, glad to see that clout overrules laws. If I could have accessed civilian signal jammers 2 for 1200 I might have been able to secure my life. Bank also decided to cause problems and ensured I could not have access to my net worth to protect myself.

    Let me know if you could at least help end the suffering before I end up a quadriplegic in a wheelchair not being able to speak and still being bio censored.


    1. Greetings people of the world the actions we have been done but these criminal terrorists is the sickest thing I have every seen. What your about to read is very scary. I’m a defense contractor and this gets me in a bit deeper in intelligence. So please read I will prove some interesting conclusions backed by products and names. is a gang stalking site and much worst.
      With everything that I have learned about this technology and the moral compass and that is what this group is saying. Plus I have alot. included in this. I believe Elon Musk has put his nearualink, nearual dust or chips on children and these people have been gang raping them 24 hours per day for years. This nearualink or neaural dust technology is actually operation thin thread you can find on wiki . It’s a small thin thread of micro chips implanted through the nose to front lob of brain allow operator to see thoughts this was introduced to NSA in year 2000 from black filed and know through Epsteins client list of government people to celebries and others in their child abusing group. The technology was ment for interrogations if subject did not want to speak you could ask where is the safe house and street sign would pop up you could screen shot and cross reference with his live and find the safe house or anything the other cell members faces etc. Now with technology this Advanced it all also opens up new capabilities of brain function and how the brain actually work like being self-aware although you’re not necessarily thinking about your private parts for instance your body is always self-aware so your body is giving you progress reports on your private parts on your toes if you’re feeling any pain anywhere in this will actually produce an image that you are able to actually see in your mind although normally we don’t normally think about our private parts all the time once you’re self-aware is clicking end and you can visually see it in your mind this will allow you to actually expose yourself now these people are actually buing private parts because of your self aware component in your brain on top of that this technology is actually has the capability to actually stimulate pain or pleasure anywhere in the body now this is something that’s very very complex it would basically have like a smartphone with a picture of a body on it and it would almost work like a voodoo doll where you could push one portion of the body and the other person could feel that pain or pleasure so they’re able to actually penetrate and the victim would actually feel penetrated because of this because it’s stimulating neurons in your brain and this would not leave a mark on the body would show no signs of rape and so when the child gets brought into the doctor or anything like that it wouldn’t show any signs they would think it would be oh it must be a mental disorder owe their their hearing voices although they can actually hear voices because it’s it works to a phone line communication very similar to a conference call say they would automatically signify the child is all you’re just hearing voices oh you must be schizophrenic something along those lines and then the parents would disregard what the child was saying and then this group would still be able to cyber rape this child 24 hours a day it works as a group conference call so there could be hundreds of people all going at this child at the same time kind of working like a gangrape the technology exists it’s all they’re all we need to do is track down the phone lines I have 300 names these people will will break under the appropriate amount of pressure but this is happening this is real and this needs to stop. Please call me
      Bob 5867646644

      So I can stop this because this maybe something you could use some experience help with.

      Shawn Corey Carter 12/4/69 Belair CA
      Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter 9/4/81 in Belair CA
      I believe they are the top on the organization

      Have been heavily involved for 9 years straight not a day off.

      I was targeted for money 100 million project. I did not give up anything. Instead I investigated with my team and technology. I am putting money at this. Please keep in mind I am in business. Please respect that.

      I have names of some criminals which are torturing TIs and most likely the victims. Please review you mite be surprized but dont be impressed by the celebrities these are very terrible people.

      Trina Gonzalez of Grand Blanc 38
      Tammy wilcox stealman of mi 37
      Evan and john stealman of mi 35 and 45
      Marina Vasquez of mi 38
      Tadeusz T Frontczak MI 5/61
      Marc mrachina aka leo of macomb mi54
      Timmy frontczak of macomb mi 39
      Andy Mrachina father of in lake Orion mi 40
      Jack Francis frontczak of macomb mi 35
      Olegs levet MI 45
      Jessica lynn irvine of detroit 35
      Chris Schumacher of auburn hills mi 42
      Aaron chris best friend of auburn hills mi 40
      Ryan wilcox of mi 35
      Chris alabaster of mi 45
      Mike scroggs of mi 45
      Pat Higgins of AZ 64
      Patrick sweeney of Scottdale AZ 64
      Joe cavallo of Scottsdale AZ 64
      Jeremy dinardo of Roseville and best friend Adam.
      Corey DiNardo of MI 59
      Julie Marie Roedding Columbus MI 59
      Cheryl dibaum of Macomb Mi 42
      keith dibaum of Macomb Mi 44, Anthony Dibaum of Macomb mi 18
      Mike hayter of mi 30
      Timmy hayter of Canton mi
      William hayter of Kalamazoo mi
      William knight of oxford mi
      Krystal titone of mi
      Rob master sgt marine 6800 william lake rd waterford mi 35
      Beano of ponitac 42 black male
      Mario fat black guy work at dollar rental car at detroit metro airport 320 day back from jan 16th 2019
      Sean Koh of nj 36
      Antony micheal tozzi of shelby twp mi 54
      Michele tozzi 42
      Randy anger 50
      Brian danford 37 hamtramk mi
      Bud lowman of clinton twp mi
      Elon Reeve Musk of CA 49 neauralink which is thin tread
      Mike price mt clemens 45
      Antony ginich 37
      Bert k lord of HI 40
      Harold alger of IL 50
      Travis Kenny of CA 35
      Donald Campbell of IL 69
      Jeffrey Preston Jorgensen of NW 56
      Carmelo Kyam Anthony of OR 36
      Trina Gonzalez of San Francisco 38
      Paul D Rosenberg of MI 49
      Justin Parker of NC 33
      Tanta Briggs of MI 38
      Debra Briggs of Clinton Twp 60
      Kevin Allen of Beverly CA 63
      Lee Cardill of MI 83
      Tomas Micheal Fredal Sr. 61 MI
      Beck Hansen 7/8/70 CA
      Karīm J Kharbūš 11/9/84 NY
      Nadeen M Palmer
      James simasko 57 AZ or 31204 Jefferson st.clair shores mi
      Jason Chaney 43

      Music people involved

      Camron giles of nj 42
      Jim jones of ny 45
      Damon Anthony Dash of NY 55
      Jay Wayne Jenkins atl 39
      Clifford harris jr of atl 35
      Shawn Corey Carter 12/4/69 Belair CA
      Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter 9/4/81
      O’Shea Jackson of LA 49
      Mario Sentell Giden Mims of texas 35
      Aubrey Drake Graham of CA 35
      Oliver El-Khatib of canda
      Noah James Shebib of canda
      Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr. Of miami 37
      William Leonard Roberts II of miami 45
      Shéyaa Bin Abraham-Joseph of london 24
      Obie trie 41 of detroit
      Jason Terrance Phillips 45 of NY
      Joseph Antonio Cartagena 45 of NJ
      Sean John Combs 50 of NY
      Jamal Michael Barrow 45 of NY
      Victor Santiago, Jr 50 of NY
      Kiam Akasi Holley 50 of NY
      Dwight Equan Grant 50 of NY
      Malik Deshawn Cox 50 of NY
      Kanye Omari West 43 of CA
      Tyran smith 45
      Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar 30
      Jasiel Amon Robinson 40
      Curtis James Jackson III 50 of NY
      Ariana Grande-Butera 24 of CA
      Britney spears CA
      Sean Michael Leonard Anderson 35 of detroit mi
      Tauheed Epps 45 of atlanta GA
      Jonathan Smith 50 of atlanta GA
      Maurice Samuel Young 50 miami FL
      Floyd Joy Mayweather Jr of NV 50
      Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O’Connor of NY 25
      Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson of Ca 35
      Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr. Of Ca 55
      Kelis Rogers of CA 45
      Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn of ga 36
      Bernard James Freeman of tx 46
      Percy robert Miller of MN 49
      Quavious Keyate Marshall of GA 29
      Kirshnik Khari Ball of GA 26
      Kiari Kendrell Cephus of Atl 28
      Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar of NY 27
      Meghan Elizabeth Trainor of MA 26
      Adam “MCA” Yauch NY 55
      Maynard James Keenan CA 55
      Leslie Edward Pridgen of PA 41
      Trevor Tahiem Smith, Jr. Of Bronx 48
      Peter Gene Hernandez of Ca and HI 34
      Kendrick Lamar Duckworth of CA 32
      Justin Drew Bieber of CA 26
      Jayceon Terrell Taylor of CA 40
      Bryan Christopher Williams of miami 51
      Domonic Patten of GA 26
      James pattern kblast of GA 26
      Alvin Nathaniel Joiner 47 CA
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      Sean Paul Ryan Francis Henriques 1/9/73
      Radric Delantic Davis 2/12/80 GA


      Broderick Steve harvey of atl and CA 75
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      Joe Pesci of New Jersey
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      Margot Robbie of Australia
      Kat Dennings of CA
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      Jerry Charles Ferrara of nj 42
      Kevin Brady Dillon of CA 55
      Giorgio A. Tsoukalos of Switzerland 42
      Jason Martell of CA 45
      Megan Denise Fox of TN 35
      Frank Fritz of Iowa 52
      Mike Wolfe of Iowa 52
      Danielle Colby of lowa 43
      Rick Ligina of Mi 60
      Martin Ligina of Mi 60
      James Douglas Muir Leno of CA 69
      Ryan Rodney Reynolds of canda 43
      William James Murray of CA 69
      Jesse Eisenberg of CA 32
      Woody Harrelson of CA 60
      Emma Stone of CA 32
      Angelina Jolie Voight of CA 44
      Tracy Jamal Morgan of NJ 51
      Michael Peña of CA 43
      Dax Shepard of CA 47
      Rosa Salazar of CA 34
      Vincent D’Onofrio of CA 57
      Jessica McNamee of AU 33
      Isiah Whitlock Jr. Of Ca 65
      Ryan Hansen of CA 38
      Tom Brooks of UK 48
      Bradley Charles Cooper of PA 45
      Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio of CA 45
      Mark Jordan of CA 50 born in MO
      Gary Alan Sinise of IL 65
      Gregory Ellis Mathis of MI 59
      Jon Lovitz of CA 59
      Ed O’Neill of CA 65
      Joseph Peter Pantoliano of NJ 70
      Jennifer Joanna Aniston of CA 54
      Lisa Kudrow of CA 56
      Matt LeBlanc of NY 51
      Courteney Bass Cox of CA 55
      David Schwimmer of CA 55
      Matthew Langford Perry of CA 50
      Willie Jess Robertson of LO 47
      Jason Silas Robertson of LO 45
      Shaquille Rashaun O’Neal of FL 48
      Giovanni Ribisi of CA 45
      Scott Andrew Caan of CA 44
      John Lithgow of Ca 86
      Joseph Leonard Gordon-Levitt of CA 39
      Milton French-Stewart of CA 60
      Paul Montgomery Shore of CA 52
      Sean Patrick Astin of CA 49
      Michael Robert DeLuise of CA 50
      Melissa Ann McCarthy of CA 49
      William Gardell, Jr of Penn 50
      Katy Elizabeth Mixon of Fl 38
      Roy Wilson of CA 51
      Louis A. Mustillo of NY 60
      Gal Gadot-Varsano of CA 35
      John Christopher Depp II CA, France 56
      Jason Mitchell of CA 32
      Corey Antonio Hawkins of CA 31
      O’Shea Jackson Jr. Of CA 29
      Paul Edward Valentine Giamatti of CA 52
      Sandra Annette Bullock of CA 55
      Seth Aaron Rogen of CA 38
      Paul Gladney of LO 79
      Sara Rebecca Abeles of CA 45
      William Bradley Pitt of CA 56
      Angelina Jolie Voight of CA 44
      Nicholas Scott Cannon of CA 39
      Mariah Angela Carey of CA 50
      Michael Gerard Tyson of NV 53
      Melissa Joan Hart of CA 44
      Joseph Lawrence Mignogna Jr. Of PA 44
      Seth Woodbury MacFarlane of beverly 46
      Craig Robinson IL 49
      Daniel Richard “Danny” McBride CA 44
      James Edward Franco of CA
      Jonathan Adam Saunders Baruchel CA
      Kimberly Kardashian West of CA 40
      Kylie Kristen Jenner of CA 22
      Harvey Robert Levin of CA 70
      Wesley Trent Snipes of CA 58
      Miley Hemsworth of TN 27
      Gabrielle Monique Union Wade of CA 47
      Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr. Of CA 48
      George Edward Lopez of CA 59
      Jensen gerard karp of CA 41
      Javier Ángel Encinas Bardem of CA 52
      Jamie-Lynn Sigler of CA & NY 37
      Andre Romelle Young of CA 55
      Stephen Gilchrist Glover of Ca 46
      Philip John Clapp of CA 49
      Charles Matthew Hunnam of England 40
      Hugh John Mungo Grant of England 59
      Michael James Gladis of CA 43
      Mark Sinclair of CA 53
      Karla Paloma Jiménez of CA 36
      Ewan Gordon McGregor of UK 49
      Kate Noelle Holmes of CA 42
      Daniel Michael DeVito Jr of NJ 75
      Thomas Patrick Lennon of CA 50
      Robert ben Garan of CA 50
      Kerrie Kenney silver of CA 50
      Ashley Tyler Ciminella of CA 52
      Keanu Charles Reeves of CA 56
      Mona M Lannotti of CA 73
      Wayne Elliot Knight of NY 65
      Sarah Jessica Parker of NY 55
      Robert Stanley Dyrdek of CA 46
      Audrina Cathleen Patridge of CA 35
      Lauren Katherine Tell of CA 35
      Heidi Blair Pratt of CA n CO 33
      Steven John Carell+ of CA 57
      Lisa Valerie Kudrow of CA 57
      John Gavin Malkovich of CA 66
      Noah Nicholas Emmerich of CA 55
      Tawny Ellain Newsome of CA 37
      Ashley Michelle Tisdale of CA 35
      Tommy Lee Jones of TX or CA 9/15/46
      Patrick Bradly Smith Sherman oak CA 49
      Tiffani amber thiessen Sherman CA 46
      Antonino Giovanni Ribisi of CA 45
      Luke Cunningham Wilson of CA n TX 48
      Sala Baker of CA 43
      Dermot Mulroney (10/31/63) CA
      John MarcusMcNairy 11/ 11/77 TX
      Ellen Kathleen Pompeo 11/10/69 MA
      Justin Willman Chambers 7/11/70
      Sandra Miju Oh July 20, 1971 Canda
      Patrick Galen Dempsey 1/13/66 ME
      Theodore Raymond Knight 3/26/73 MN
      Isaiah Washington IV +8/3/63
      Jenisa Marie Washington marina de ray
      Russell Edward Brand born 6/4/75 CAUK
      Karen Gravano 5/8/72 NY
      Paulie Fusco NY
      Karina Seabrook NY
      Rachel bilson 8/25/81 CA
      Jamal Woolard 7/8/75 NY
      Allen Maldonado 5/20/83 CA
      Seann William Scott 10/3/76 CA
      Penélope Cruz Sánchez 4/28/74 CA
      Javier Ángel Encinas Bardem 3/1/69 CA
      Alicia Silverstone 10/4/76 CT
      Stacey Lauretta Dash 1/20/67 NY
      Samuel Monroe Jr. 11/28/73 CA
      Tobias Vincent Maguire 6/27/75 CA
      Roseanne Cherrie Barr 10/3/52 CA or UT
      John Stephen Goodman 6/20/52 CA
      Michael Aaron Fishman 10/ 22/81 CA
      Alicia Linda “Lecy” Goranson 6/22/74 CA
      Vincent Philip D’Onofrio 6/30/59 CA
      Kate Garry Hudson 4/19/79 CA
      Caleb Casey McGuire Affleck-Boldt 8/12/75
      Benicio Monserrate Rafael del Toro Sánchez 2/19/67 CA
      Alan Ford 2/23/38 UK
      Dennis Farina 2/29/44
      Andy Beckwith UK
      Vincent Peter Jones 1/5/65 UK
      Rade Šerbedžija 7/27/46 NY Croatia
      Stephen Joseph Graham 8/3/73 UK
      Lennie Michael James 10/11/65 UK
      Robbie Gee 3/24/70 UK
      Ewen Bremner 1/23/72 UK
      Clifford Joseph Price 9/19/65

      Please charge all member both civil and criminal RICO like:

      ( for impairing your prayer and tapping your minds eyes)
      And so on their are strong laws format is important RICO supreme court format is best because its criminal and civil and you go through court process one time for all your criminals and get your life back.
      Love peace and strength Bob

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    The weapons used against you are counterterrorism weapons. CHANCES ARE YOU ARE UNDER A FRAUEULENT INVESTIGATION. Use your citizenship to protect you. YOUR PASSPORT. if you dont have one apply, if you do.. try to leave the country. IF YOU ARE DENIED THERE IS YOUR PHYSICAL EVIDENCE.


  27. I live in NYC, I’ve been cyber-torched for about 3 years. It is painful and humiliating. I’m hit by DEW’s and V2K 24/7. I need help. We need help. The only thing that helps me is my faith in Jehovah God. Eat a good diet and plenty of water. Please contact me for encouragement and too find solutions.


  28. I am a holistic counsellor. The moon voice is an old metaphysical ‘coded dna’ that has now become digitalised.

    The moon amplifies energy fields of everything and everyone. That includes thoughts. Technology has magnetic points bi-directing to the satelite dish which then reverse negative flow of dark side of the moon back to you through your vision. (Reflective light flow)

    The sex part
    The moon charges the biomolecules of the orgasm. Voice of orgasm. (The part where you hold your breath). Occultic coders would have gathered the energy from the yolk or seed.

    Climax is that golden ray where our entire energy field expands reaching the all powerful true creator. Creation of new life is manifested.

    (The same magnetic force that has already sent occultic coders into oblivion!)

    The dark side of that orgasmic flow is the overcast of the moon on the planted yolk. This means it will be the lowest orgasm or darkest side of the brain. Paedophile, incest. Down the family bloodline.

    Flipping the 01 on electric circuit is flipping the moon tide. Try using a vegetable to act as an intermediary between you and the electric voice. (That hum running in the background)

    Drink plenty of water, fresh fish, cod liver oil, potassium rich foods, soya beans, oxygenated water. Surround yourself with negative ions green leafy plants. Pray to the true creator. (The one that delivers you when there is alien energy trying to vipe your light!) Know your core belief. Know the true power.

    We are three dimentional. That is physics. That includes the mind. Reverse the three dimentional mind through the true power. Unconditional love.


    1. Please, i tried warning about venus pentagonal aligment and cern activation but nobody cares here. i need to communicate with like-minded people, is there a way we can get in contact?


  29. I downloaded a frequency generator on my cell phone. App. My computer was hooked to a vpn government antitrack and doing fine until I opened up my headphone/audio in port. Within 5 – 10 minutes it was corrupted and had the message audio in port experienced a problem.

    The frequency generator could offset some of the issues my body was going through, high definition music, fm radio all helped minimise the issue as this helps block out their frequencies. Signal jammers also use frequencies to stop the same but I was not able to get access to them.


  30. My name is Sean. I am from Toronto, Ontario. I have been harassed relentlessly for over 5 years by Canadian GOV and spy agencies, law enforcement etc. My family is aware and they do not try to hide it. They want you to know and continue without easing as if they are above the law and human rights. GOV endorsed. Basically the Canadian GOV uses psychological warfare on citizens and coercive persuasion programming for various reasons. Also this treatment is for speaking out about corruption. I am a law abiding citizen and not a threat of any kind. After being monitored for years you think they would have come to this conclusion but they continue possibly for financial reasons with total disregard to human life and feelings. The goal seems to be to make the target act out, get institutionalized or sadly suicide ( which will never happen with me ) but others have including my Father in Law. They try to make the target seem crazy to discredit anything they say and be able to continue with plausible deniability. They use terrorism to justify this treatment when they are the terrorists. My brother they have also harassed relentlessly. I have proof and multiple witnesses. They try to make it where you have nowhere to go for help unfortunately because there is a carefully designed structure of corruption down the ladder from every aspect of society used to cover up these wrong doings including police who orchestrate. Below I created a list of some of the things they engage in :
    Illegal wiretapping/Surveillance
    Illegal email interference and spying
    Break ins to your home and mind games
    The sabotaging of my personal life
    Deliberate interference
    Indirect threats/directed conversation of private conversations while in public
    Street Theatre and emotional reminders to cause depression
    Followed everywhere and they let you know through various conditioning methods often repeated to sensitize
    Humiliation and Intimidation tactics
    Smear Campaigns and community isolation
    The list goes on..

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  31. Hello! How the targeted individual that I am, I need information to understand the problem. How my problem consists of a world problem, I have a doubt if some of the other targeted individuals can help me with the knowledge that maybe have about this. It would be of big importance to solve it. Thank you.


  32. There is no justification for impunity of every state actor involved to obstruct international policing.
    Even if the military that governs citizens feels justified in persecuting those connected to its own security agreements. Surely this is a crime unto itself, and emeshed in Cybertorture and concealed with public skepticism of MKultra and Stargate as science fiction lore of the public.
    I believe this cybertorture exists due to hints of the technology used on me by those state actors connected to my own USAF vet father Ia USAF tech for Lockheed Jet engines in the 1960s. Other Targeted individuals could only describe what I knew as a child to be my curse.
    Yet if they can do it to their own, they can do it to anyone.
    Please put an end to the use of humans as a means to an end in non-consensual experimentation and FISA surveilance and R&D under Telecom.
    Thankyou for your work!


  33. Hi I’m also a victim of classified technology called, directed energy weapons. I’ve endured this hate crime and horrible torture for years now, where I’m being beamed and radiated daily, 24 seven. The symptoms I get are severe in the form of, stinging pain in the chest and other sensitive areas, heart palpitations, severe headaches, sleep deprivation, possible brain and organ damage, paralyzing fatigue and more. I am forced to endure all these symptoms daily. I also get torture induced negative thoughts, which the highly unethical perpetrators also punish me for. I also get death threats and many murder attempts have been made. All this is taking place in the so called democratic Sweden. The country I was born and raised in. My life is ruined.

    I want to say that it is urgent. The torture I go through is brutal, where I also get symptoms like tightness or pressure in the upper body and across the waist, depression, lack of concentration and cognitive difficulties, restlessness, severe constipation, numbing sensation where I’m unable to feel emotions and more. They are torturing me to death and getting away with it. I have also as a result been inaccurately diagnosed with mental illness, where I’m being forced to take harmful antipsychotic medication. Can you please help me?

    The perpetrators are merciless, remorseless, highly paranoid and hateful. They misinterpret almost anything I do or think and punish me with torture and death for that.

    I also want to add that I’m grateful for finding this website and learning that the UN is becoming aware of these despicable atrocities. I have sent several messages to UN, but have not received a single reply, which I find worrying.

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      1. Hi Frank. I thank you for your comforting answer. I’ve lost my sanity because of the criminal sadistic perpetrators constant relentless barrage and attacks. Which they also cold heartedly punish me for and threaten with execution. They don’t allow me to enjoy anything. I have noticed that these creatures (at least my perpetrators) are highly phobic and prejudiced to the extent that they have resorted to very unethical behaviour. Ethnic superiority could also be their objective. I also feel that because of such crimes that civilisation is now in jeopardy. But I want to live on to see their world come crashing down along with everyone involved. Whether through warfare or justice, I pray it shall be done.

        I believe that there is a systematic oppression taking place and that what TIs are exposed to is just one of its tentacles.


  34. The perpetrators have taken control of my entire body. They torture me every single night via severe pain. Endless v2k attacks too. If you can help me, I live in Maryland, bel air, 516 e Broadway. Do whatever is necessary to get me out of this. The torture is too much


  35. I’m a middle age male and I think I’m a victim of Cyber-neuro-torture here in Bangladesh. It’s been going on for years and I don’t know what to do. Nobody can help me. I can’t talk about it. I think someone implanted some kind of micro chip in me somehow. By using brain-computer-interface (BCI) they can torture me wirelessly. These reside in my distal limbs and i feel them swim up to my head. They burn around my skull. My cognition is affected. It cause pain to varying degrees, sometimes it’s very intense. The nanotechnology is operating in conjunction with some frequencies. It also makes me identifiable and trackable on the grid, because even when I’m on foot and leave my phone at home, it still affect me. I struggle to walk these days, or even get up. I struggle to think. It’s painful. I have a family who doesn’t understand and I can’t tell them. It took me a year to figure out what was wrong. I realized, after they started mocking me on my mind about what they were doing. I was a perfectly healthy person until a year ago. It happened suddenly. Somehow someone put these things in me. It’s destroying me and I don’t know what to do. I’m desperately looking for a path to know what I am facing right now and what is name of my problem. All the time on day or night 2 know peoples continuously talk with me in my head and also suffer too much pain. Is there anyone can help with this me please call me +8801309710054 or email me to-


  36. Hi.
    I’m Ti. I’m from Poland. Thy are doing terrible things through V2k. Live with this is real torture. Of course they puted me mental ill.
    They pushed my brother to kill himself!
    Now they are trying to do with me. This is real terrorism against civilians!
    My email:


  37. I’m a #TargetedIndividual in Nigeria by Nigerian government agencies paid to secure my right to free living.
    I wish for a permanent solution to this treacherous act of #GANGSTALKING and also hard punishment for this forever corrupt perpetrators with narcissistic personalities. +2348062684286,No 2 onibuore strt Sound foundation Ojo, Lagos Nigeria.


  38. Hi to the TI family
    And 1 million thanks for you all working on this site to help us out.

    I am a French woman of 53 travelling a lot around the world so the shit keeps following me as soon as I leave any airport !! In my case I do believe they are after my special DNA. I should be sick, dead or crippled but I am in FIRE FORM..Lots of detox..the more you shit the better you feel !
    .I’ve realised I was aTI some 4 or 5 years ago while living in Thailand but now I do know I have been spotted at childbirth for my spiritual lpowers. Some of the real visions I have now are the same I had as a child..Now I do have the Satanic Triangle pieces of fuck on my back..Tthey want my power but they can stick it where they want. V2K etc etc..As for Street Theater and all the publc nonsense, they dare not with me because I fight back instantly and tell them to fuck off !!! It works.They dare not take any pictures of me anymore coz I would jump on them !! I smell them before they see me…
    My advce NO EYE CONTACT WITH THE PERPS…They access your mind afterwards.
    Be sure of one thing; The happier you are..The worst they feel !!
    The perps are dumb and sick in the mind, don’t let them ruin your day.

    I speak 6 languages so the mind intrusive mesasges come in many exotic forms as you can imagine !!!! Israel on my back for supporting Palestine years ago and for knowing too much stuff..French GOV for being what they call an antisemitic which I am not as I do love the Jewish tradition and speak Hebrew, my second best language. USA for openly being Anti-US. I am a writer and a photographer but can’t publish anything as I can no longer possess a PC. They steall any pics I create on my phone ( without any sim card. I.just use it for music and pics). Now I draw so they can fuck off with my Art ! What else..
    They call me the Number One. ‘ THIS ONE IS THE WORST. SHE HAS NO FEAR ”

    I did expose all the Targetting Individuals drama to the Royal Family in the Kingdom of Thailand where I lived for 5 years and they keep a distant eye on me. I exposed the TI show to the Europeen Community and it acted as a BOMB !!! But made things worst afterwards.

    Sing out loud and perform any kind of work-out especially when you feel like shit or sluggish. It reverses the process.
    Meditate and connect to your heart space as much as you can..
    And SMILE when you ‘re outside even if it is one of those dark days…You can worry once back home but SMILE outside. Be proud of you, self-esteem. They’re after the smart ones and use the dumb ones to stalk on you,
    As 2PAC SHAKUR said

    Cosmic Kiss to all of you
    Thanks again to those who start fighting for us.

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  39. Good day brothers and sisters my name is ALVIN ESTIBAR ALPAS and I am a VICTIM OF CYBER TORTURE from the Philippines but I am currently living and working in Macau China. I am subjected in this MK-ULTRA since I was a child and now my 4yr old daughter is also a victim of it. They are torturing me 24/7 with their v2k and electronic torture wherever I go. Me and my fellow TIs from the Philippines has created a website about this matter: Please share story and visit our website to help us fight this CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY. My cellphone number is +85363008189


  40. These crimes will be exposed and exterminated. Stay strong everyone! Now more than ever we must be credible, professional, and gather ourselves as much as we can. We need to make noise this month as we get the best exposure we’ve ever had, and then continue on with that momentum!


  41. I am Stephen from Sligo Ireland and I am a victim of stalking , directed energy weapon attacks and harassment on my body and mind, mind control , sleep deprivation , dream control, harassment from neighbours, my good name ruined , career ruined, I could go on and on. End the torment!!


  42. Recently ADS aka “pain ray “, was proposed for use against protestors. ADS is a dual purpose tool that was supposedly developed for deployment in crowd control scenarios, but is also used to torture an individual. This weapon is real and was used to torture me 24/7 for nearly a year in 2010 in what I believe was a field test on an unwitting black person. No normal mortal has ever been able to bear the superlative pain that this 95GHZ millimeter wave weapon delivers when honed on your head. I survive because it is neither up to me nor them for me to leave before my time.

    During the night, I slept on ice-filled Ziplock bags in an attempt to offset the broiling heat. During the day, I carried around bags of ice- filled Ziplock bags that I held to my head. It was all in vain. The superlative coldness of the ice merely compounded and amplified the pain exponentially.

    When a combination of sleep deprivation for days and the superlative pain from the ADS that was honed on my head 24/7 drove me to the emergency room, they suggested there that I see a shrink.

    In defense against a false scvusation of insanity, a ploy often used by torturers to legally discredit the targets of their abuse, I yanked out of my bag a thick folder that contained the schematics of the weapon. A detailed article from a website in Canada that tracts military weapons systems. Raytheon’s technical documents ( Raytheon integrated the ADS system. The operational core is made by CPI of California ) , and more. Then I showed it to one of the doctors. He perused through it reading first the short articles before saying, and these were his words: ” My God, people should know about this ! ” But after meeting alone with shadowy characters in the corridor, he came back saying I made the whole thing up…The man looked scared. I had just witnessed what a threatened medical doctor by torturers looked like.

    To them I did not matter. Just one of countless unwitting African guinea pigs on whom biological agents of all sorts, and weapons tests have been used for decades if not centuries.

    Today the torture continues albeit no longer with ADS but with nanodevices instead, and Covid 19 has turned out to be a great cover to greatly intensify the abuse. You can read the documentation here:

    In whatever capacity you can, pls help us, not financially, but by whatever other means you believe might be effective in stopping our pain. Because I am not alone. Thousands of African Americans mostly, and some European Americans, and others, are being severely abused with electromagnetic weapons technologies as we speak. I have met some of them. Many, to the glee of the psychopaths who torture them commit suicide as their only relief from the unspeakable pain. Thank you.

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