Activities are being organized around the world — by millions of victims of Electronic Torture

Activities are being organized around the world — by millions of victims of Electronic Torture — to inform the public that July 31 is “World Day Against Electronic Torture.” For the first time ever Professor Nils Melzer, UN Special Rapporteur on Torture, will present to the 75th UN General Assembly Session in October his report on “Cybertorture” which are Forms of Computerized Remote Electronic Torture against Illegally Targeted Individuals worldwide. This includes:

— Remote Electronic “Tagging” Of Innocent Victims By Brutally Assaulting Them Through Their Bodies And Into Their Neurological Systems with Microwave Pulses and Radiofrequency Signals Using Directed-Energy Weapons And Directional Antennas, In Order To Conduct Round-the-Clock Remote Electronic Surveillance Over Them — Often Illegal Forms Of Conducting Electronic Surveillance Over Innocent Civilians Through A Victim’s Body Performed By Corrupt Law Enforcement Officers With Microwave Weapons — In A Method Called “Remote Neural Monitoring”;

— Criminal Forms of Electronic “Mind Control” Experimentation To Manipulate The Victim’s Bodily Functions, Which Are Usually Directed From The Brain, Including Artificially Manipulating And Altering The Functions Of All The Body Systems, Such As: Motor, Digestive, Neurological, Circulatory, Evacuations Of Bladder And Bowel, etc.;

— Illegal Electronic Sending Of Subliminal Unwanted Messages (Voices Or Musical Themes For Psychological “Entrainment” — Which Are Forms Of “Brainwashing”), By Penetrating The Victim’s Auditory Cortex In The Back Of Their Head Right Into Their Brain By Means Of “Voice-to-Skull” (Patented) Technologies;

— Illegal Remote “Mind Reading” Experimentation which consists of Detecting Involuntary Movements Of Vocal Cords Subvocally (Patented), When The Victim Is Not Speaking But Thinking In Silence, So That An A.I. Computer Figures Out What The Victim Is Likely “Thinking About” By Analyzing Their Vocal Cord Movements, Including Their Very Private Mental Prayers; and many other Outrageous Criminally Dangerous Forms Of Illegal Experiments which are Currently Being Conducted Over Large Masses Of Defenseless Civilian Populations, Without The Victim’s Consent Which Is A Legal Requirement For Human Experimentation Under The U.S. Belmont Report For Human Subjects Experimentation


All The Above Atrocities And Human Rights Abuses Are Conducted In Total Violation Of All Victims’ Constitutional Rights, And In Violation Of The Human Rights And Fundamental Freedoms Of U.S. Citizens And Legal Residents, Aa Well As Of Millions Of Other Victims Worldwide. All The Above Is Conducted In Total Violation Of The Geneva Convention And Its Protocols Which Forbid Using The Above Weapons Of War — Which Have Been Internationally Classified as Weapons Of Mass Destruction (WMDs) — In War Crimes Over The Civilian Populations, Especially In Territories That Are Not At War. These Criminal Actions Also Violate The Nuremberg Code Which Forbids Abusive Human Experimentation.


31 thoughts on “Activities are being organized around the world — by millions of victims of Electronic Torture

    1. hi my name is Shiba halely ,targeted individual for 30 years,by the state of Israel and Greece ,suffering cruel sadist Experiments by electro-magnetic wopen,Since the operation when they insert chip in my brain, and all over my body , i experience cruel sadist torture, they control rvery organ muscle and nerve un my body,the abouse and torture me cruly day and ngiht, they strangle me and contracting ny muscles my respiratory system i cant breath, causeheart murmuts, they paralyze my spinal, knees and ankles, pain pain very dificult,the sexually vbouse and violete me, send electric shokcs through my intimate parts, puncturing stubbing me , burning burning beating me to death ny paine,forcung me to fall in the street and gymnastic, the control my sphincters , make them loose in the street in bad at work , again and again non stop, for maximum torture and misery, 30 years i have no life quality, only suffering pain and disgrace, sex sick offenders sadist controlling my body and my life, and traying in un illigal weyes to present me insane , in order to silence the cruel nazi human experiments, they trigger all kind diseases symptoms that cause me dificult gteat pain and suffering ,all targeted individul of the world , suffering so bad , we need to take of thr chip from our brain and body, and to stop this sadistic sick ctuel illegal crimenal Expetiment on human being ,in the name of god we will win.

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      1. “,in the name of god we will win.”

        No, do not count on that.
        IF we win, it’s only because we, the victims, prevailed. God has nothing to do with that.


  1. Goog evening,

    I’m Adam Senia,

    I m write to you to day because I’m victim of torture In Italy… by microchip Implants into my body… I year voice insults me, and they say the want kill me, and asked to me to suicide and other bad things..

    I’m tortured from 25 months I fell dead inside I try to suissad please I need help because in here to Italy they know but no one do something to help me 0039 3512101018


    1. Good morning

      I live in Italy and marocc original I grow here since i was 2 y old 25months ago I find my self implants by microchip in my head and a can hear many voices in side my brain like torture fro 11 months the want my succeed… The told me that by this microchip start the terrorism in word … I’m scared and I’m asking your help as one the most strong family in world..

      Please I need help I fell my brain fired by all this offensive voice, the insults and the sayings that the will kill me and my family …. because the benne abusing for my all life of my body and my brain

      Please help I know that you even don’t know me … But please help help me

      The Italian implants e violin myself by this Sweden technology the wants my make kill my self and fire my brain

      Please help me please please help me

      Adam Senia
      0039 3512101018


    2. Hola soy Delia y yo también soy víctima desde 2018 me gustaría saber aquí en Alemania donde se va a hacer la marcha. A mi me lo hizo el Amt Deutschland.


  2. Dear Magnus, Thank you so much for the e mail. It is really good that they are having `World Day Against Electronic Torture´. Maybe people worldwide will wake up to the seriousness of this problem. Hope you are feeling better. Thank you so much, Monica 06.07.2020, 15:31, “Cyber-Torture” <>:mindcontroleurope posted: ” Activities are being organized around the world — by millions of victims of Electronic Torture — to inform the public that July 31 is “World Day Against Electronic Torture.” For the first time ever Professor Nils Melzer, UN Special Rapporteur on Tor”


  3. I like to get in touch with scientists that has the knowledge how to detect and how to measure the signals i.e. What frequenzy and db are we talking about. Is there any white noice generator that can be used?
    Please contact me here for further exchange.


  4. 6 Thoughts, lol. My thoughts read out loud at my place of employment of the girl sitting right next to me. I’m a DEW recipient. I have one thought on the torture I went through, these people should be put in prison and the key dropped in the farthest depths of the ocean!


  5. A mi me irradió mi vecino de al lado, nunca tuve pruebas para demostrarlo, nadie quiso venir a medir a mi casa, la policia y la municipalidad se pasaban la pelota el uno al otro, mi familia no me creía y yo vivía solo, sin testigos, me cocinaron vivo durante 6 meses y al final pude conseguir otra casa para mudarme ( esa fue la solución) pero ahora me irradian desde un satélite ¿ Adivinen quién puede ser ? Saludos !


  6. I am a targeted Individual and being for about 15 years , the only reason i am still alive is because i have been writing to the Media , i can advise you all to do that and get it out in the open,,,,,, let them hear your voices,,, they have been F#cking with us to long , Look at my facebook page for more information (if it’s still up)


  7. Hi I’m a TI,s in Los angeles
    Korean American who blowed whistle
    Regards conspiracy theories for years
    I hope this satanic tortures to be stopped asap so all TI’s are back to normal life . We trust UN.


  8. Victime of this cyber torture begin 2013 with harrasment of organized stalking they use acoustic weapon all where I go ootdoor my home if I go many time same location or in my house over wall, weapon named L-RAD, this can do heard voice, mental torture, torture too and tardeted body on abdomen , see description of this weapon USA as ND chines state have it, gaz and sound low frequency. I m injured every day with this weapon they want to be me crazy or more, the have violated me and try to extract a dental in my sleep this night of this action they faz me with hanestesis gaz. They use too effet de Frey for mind control micro onde heard. So the stalker is a organization protected bye cop’s I m sure. My life is brake. If a remote information of ohcr is possible, magnus do it please, thanks. Good luck on this evil world.


  9. I been victim for 2 years and destroyed me life …. and they still do it day night no stop 24/24 hours

    Adam Senia


  10. Hi everybody I’m Navin Singh form South Africa. I have been attacked for the past 10yrs now. The South African government is involved in extortion of movable & fixed assets of civilians from here and from abroad. I warn all to stay away from South Africa. The ANC has gone on a killing spree to extort money from people including insurance fraud. The South African government are attacking Whites Indians & Colourds. This country is racist. Come and see for yourself. The entire police force & medical profession are involved in wiretapping civilians by sedating or gassing you of to sleep in your apartment or in hospitals to implant us with the (((Utah Array Module))) & ear canal (((Black Curled up device inserted about +-1cm away from the eardrum). So now if you are suffering from tinnitus like symptoms then its these wiretaps (one in each ear) that could also cause aching neck, back, head, heart strain due to stressing of the brain, mental disorders, sleep deprivation due to irritation of eardrums by vibrating sound frequencies that results in a hurting feeling too when being attacked by perpetrators.
    Contact me via Email:
    I have lots to tell you about.


  11. I am a victim of cyber torture, and U.S. Military human experimentation. I am a U.S. Army Veteran and became a victim back in 2016 in September, after the VA hospital, took a sleep apnea test on myself. They then stole my medical information, and the readings of the sleep apnea test, and place the readings, all into their computer systems, using deep learning, and AI networking systems, along with neural links, that they received from my testing, into their computer base systems. I have over 10,000 audios verifying the Department of Defense with the use of links are behind the torture on myself. I have audio evidence verifying they are programming me and using percentages of completion.

    I can verify my work with the use of audio forensics, of which I have come up with step processes, to prove the Unconsented human experimentation, along with names, units, officers, agencies, divisions, equipment, and even project names that the department of defense is overseeing.


  12. Hello, thank you for all your efforts in favor the victims. I have a questions: Why didn’t they have include sexual violations between the damages victims suffer. Please, Include It is the worst for many victims sexual abuse, Dangerous games using the victims as sexual slave, ill-treated, abused and other tortures


    1. The only thing that I can think of is that there is no evidence of the rape. all thought it is occurring the substantial evidence does not provide proof. Only through the audio forensic analysis that was sent to them, show the sex trafficking, sexual assualt’s and other crimes. I do not know the real reason behind this, but This is what I believe is the reasoning behind it.


  13. Hi
    I am a Japanese who has been.tortured by Electro magnetic wave done by SGI (Sokka Gakkai International) for more than 20 years.

    SGI(Sokka Gakkai international) is not a religious group, but in fact cult who has damaged and tortured thousands of innocent Japanese citizen for so long.

    I have been monitored by SGI(Sokka Gakkai international ) for 24hours a day, in my house for morning, on the train, in the office , having a dinner at house and even during my sleep on the bed, they attack me with cyber torture, by Electro magnetic wave.

    I get no freedom for anything. no freedom for choosing a job( SGI pressure on employer for not hiring me), give mind control my sisters, invading my computer to destroy my business and many more.

    Folks, SGI(Sokka Gakkai international) is
    not a religious group, but cult, criminal, murder and terrorist group.


  14. I’m from Israel, and I’m targeted individual since 2017. Hell is around the clock. Both indoors and outdoors. Everywhere. I live in the city of Bat Yam in Israel, south of Tel Aviv. They make me hell even at bedtime. I do not know how it will end.


  15. Welcome to Rothschild World Government – “The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.
    The End.”

    ― George Orwell, Animal Farm


  16. I am a 38 year old man from Scotland UK. I have only been targeted for five years with these covert technologies, that is nothing compared to some people I have spoken to. The abusers of these weapons seem to think they are a law unto themselves. If they weren’t doing anything wrong why aren’t they in the same room as us using the devices. I have had strobe light type EMF wave flashed in my eyes, high pitched screeching / whining noises everywhere I go, I feel my heart rate increase rapidly for no reason, at first I had the whole vibration thing with the microwave auditory effect 24/7 for three and a half years, lately its just been the flashing phosphenes from the microwave satellite broadcast. This makes it hard for me to concentrate or even see what I’m doing at times. I know exactly who is responsible for my targeting with these EMF weapons.and have documented most of it with videos, diagrams, the names of those responsible and what is being used, however as these weapons are designed to mimic mental illness giving these criminals an element of plausible deniability, we, the minority require a higher authority to acknowledge and ban the use of these technologies on the population


  17. Ps, there are a lot of government disinformation agents and departments who follow these groups and post utter nonsense, such as flying saucers and aliens. The devil is using emf satellite tech to harras people and so on so forth. Disinformation agents are there to flood the Internet with myth and delusional information via posts on websites, blogs, YouTube and are responsible for attempting to discredit the targeted individuals torture. This is done to generate the idea of the targeting being total fantasy to the point whereby it does sound unbelievable. However the abuse of these weapons by psychology, psychiatry and other departments within the deepstate is legit and very real. I monitor each and every case on the Internet and since the current epidemic of covid 19 There has been a major increase in the amount of people reporting targeting by emf neuroweapons. The current state wheupon every one is tied to their postcode/zip code could not make it any easier for the criminals who abuse these weapons on the general population and ultimately this is what’s happening.


  18. My name is John G. I have been a Targeted Individual since around 2005, it still continues to this day (July 31, 2020) . I mostly experience Remote Neural Monitoring (technology that can read and broadcast thoughts), I used to experience illegal entries through I have eliminated them, street theater, mobbing, directed conversations, noise harassment, helicopter harassment, sabotage, and slander. Though I don’t experience v2k, synthetic telepathy, or DEW pain.

    I developed countermeasures against illegal entries, RNM, AND forms of harassment that others can see and hear, you can view them at the forum below

    I post and comment nearly everyday on my Facebook page:

    I also host a Conference Call, every Wednesday 330pm Phoenix Arizona USA time (Arizona changes it’s time zone during the year)

    Here is how to convert your local time zone to Phoenix Time,8,5304391,5308655&h=100

    Call me up!!!

    Dial-in number (US): (605) 313-5111
    Access code: 641496#
    International dial-in numbers:
    Online meeting ID: arizona_ti
    Join the online meeting:

    I am 100% REAL TI, not a perp pretending to be a TI, not a hybrid TI who still get harassed YET harasses other TIs in hopes of reducing their targeting, I’m realer than real deal holyfield.


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