– Misused weapon Technology, Psychology, and Harassment melt into No Touch Torture, Cyber Torture. Investigation by United Nations Expert on Torture.

The United Nations has one courageous expert who is on the trail of several weaknesses in our global law enforcement system. These legal and investigative loopholes allow systematic harassment of our citizens.

Such harassment inflicts loss of livelihood, loss of social circle, and loss of well being on good people. All to satisfy the “Criminal Minds”.

According to a recent report by Mr. Nils Melzer, and as discussed at a 2/28/20 proceeding at the United Nations, the practice can misuse medical implants, neurotechnological devices, weaponized psychology, and mobbing – all to achieve the utter destruction of any one individual. We cite from Mr. Melzer’s report below, to aid and support people who are going through these challenges

How are these crimes being committed ?

Well for one thing, the expert finds these practices not limited to rogue states, but are rather easily wielded by:

“corporate actors and organized criminals”

That means it can be done for revenge, profit, or sadist entertainment. These practices cause financial ruin and isolation by:

“intimidation, harassment, surveillance, public shaming and defamation, as well as appropriation, deletion or manipulation of information.”

The resulting powerlessness and silence are easily enforced by the use of:

TORTURE, “mobbing, cyber-bullying, and state-sponsored persecution depriving victims of any possibility to effectively resist or escape their abuse”

Finally, the misuse of high tech devices, allows severe mental suffering to be remotely inflicted:

Medical implants and, conceivably, nano- or neurotechnological devices.”

The practices are not complicated, rely on various human weaknesses, and clearly thrive in authoritarian times. His presentations in a serious and severe manner warns of mobbing, ‘threats, intimidation,‘ and ‘inducing phobias,’ or ‘inducing anxiety’ all of which cause to people be unable to work, and frightens them away from help. The result is devastating.

The report ends with the following paragraph:

“Challenges of new technologies: In order to ensure the adequate implementation of the prohibition of torture and related international legal obligations in present and future circumstances, its interpretation should evolve in line with new challenges and capabilities arising in relation to emerging technologies not only in cyber space, but also in areas such as artificial intelligence, robotics, nano- and neurotechnology, or pharmaceutical and biomedical sciences including so-called “human enhancement”.

Sound familiar? Many people in the United States are presenting each of these situations, and many are increasingly getting our support to overcome these challenges. With your help, we reach more people every day.

Here is a video of Mr. Melzer discussing Psychological torture generally.http://webtv.un.org/search/id-sr-on-torture-12th-meeting-43rd-regular-session-human-rights-council-/6136876421001/?term=melzer&sort=date#player

The Legal Coop is also proud to present Mr. Nils Melzer’s more complete report below, which contains all the material cited above, and where he twice makes reference to “targeted individuals.” It is hot off the presses, quickly formatted into a PDF, and is therefore not final.

Most people are surprised to see anyone at the United Nations openly expressing such a complete grasp of the situation. You should know that his is very much another case of one person, standing to stem a tide. Mr. Melzer is therefore facing resistance, including the recent withdrawal of from Norway $100,000 in earmarked funding, leading to the recent loss of his investigative team.

It is hoped that the particular country engaging in such de-funding can realize the shame and infamy that would befall anyone who ignores and therefore aids and abets these vile practices.

Mr. Melzer’s Bio:

“Mr. Melzer’s expertise in torture and CIDT was forged in the field: he is a 12 year veteran of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), there serving as Delegate, Deputy Head of Delegation, and Legal Adviser in various conflict zones. He also led the University of Zürich’s Swiss Competence Center on Human Rights, and was Senior Adviser on Security Policy for the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs. Mr. Melzer has written several books, including Targeted Killing in International Law (Oxford University Press, 2008), which was awarded a prize in International Law. He also co-authored manuals and policy guidance for the Red Cross, and NATO.

Mr. Melzer latest and perhaps greatest pursuit looks at the enemies of our freedom, and leads the charge head on. Mr. Melzer has identified the gap in International Law regarding Torture – the one that allows psychological torture – a gap being expanded by technological advances, misuse of behavioral sciences, and plain old statutory loopholes.”

Mr. Melzer’s groundbreaking report can be downloaded at the link below: n-melzer-united-nations-report-on-psychological-tortureDownload

62 thoughts on “– Misused weapon Technology, Psychology, and Harassment melt into No Touch Torture, Cyber Torture. Investigation by United Nations Expert on Torture.

  1. This is Wonderful We real need help as for me I lost more than 15 years of my precious life I am a Targeted Individual and a Victim of ORGANIZED STALKING AND ELECTRONIC TORTURE since year 2001.I lost 18 jobs and 11 teeth 4 are shaking due to electronic radiation.


    1. I’m a targeted individual/person. Ive been illegally microchipped forced brain study initiative harassed stalked electrocuted attacks on organs tortured. Also my 25 yr old daughter with disabilities tortured. Exspirmentations Microwave weapons AI VISION DOD laser and other tech weapons PLEASE HELP. End the torture.
      Jeanette Moore Sanders Ohio USA

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      1. My name is Karen lind I live in Hinckley mn. I am as well experiencing all the same technologies you are
        I have no one to talk to, except other TIs I have met. 1000 days of v2k head pains, organs eyes sleep deprivation. Amongst so much more. My email is lindk1411@gmail.com feel free to contact me, if they dont intercept my email

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      2. A victim to this as well
        Will be posting a youtube vid soon…
        Video of dew weapon…pics documents and journals
        Mental health is discrediting myself and others. Police etc involved die to human traffiking i wont comply
        They block calls n email
        2010 patio dr #3 hays ks

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      3. Sipho, every response I send to you is wiped out by the torturers and never shows here, but I will not stop trying…

        From your name, we were born in the same country. I am proud of you fighting back. I will die fighting back. Stay strong

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    2. Hi Sipho:

      I am proud of you for stepping out to expose this while seeking help at the same time. And I am sorry for what is happening to you.

      From your name, I guess I know where you are from, because I was born in the same country. They have tortured me severely since 2010. And Covid has provided them with a great cover to intensify the abuse, at leadt in my case. Stay strong and never give up.b


      1. I too am a victim of abuse since 97 and just escalated to full electronic torture and abuse so painful I cannot stand to wake. No one will help me end this. And my family is involved and fully in support of the abusers in fact they help with the abuse. Do you know how to stop this or who can help me?


    1. I am a Targeted individual. I had a 30 year career with the Government and government contracting holding a Top Secret clearance issued by the FBI during my career. They turned on one of their own. I was first targeted in Fairfax County Virginia suburb of Washington DC, where I lived for 35 years. I am hit with Directed Energy Weapons radiation and am very ill. I had breast cancer when I first realized I was targeted. They don’t care, these people are evil monsters.


    2. Bonjour,
      Je suis également une personne ciblée.

      Les bases de ce mode opératoire machiavélique sont très bien expliqués par un ex agent des services de l’ombre.
      Voir ci joint le lien du livre gratuit à télécharger :
      “Lieutenant-colonel “x”, Jacques Léger”
      Méthodes d’éliminations sociales et physiques de personnes ciblées.


      Nulle intention, ni prétention, si ce n’est un devoir moral d’informer.



  2. I am a member of the french
    association ADVHER and I suffer
    from Electronic attacks on m’y Body
    and from verbal Harrassment
    With nine other victims I have
    deposited à complaint about
    those criminal acts


    1. my name is Mrs Chevalier and my first name is Claire.
      How will you manage to have proofs of Electronic harassment ?
      We are ten in a judicial procédure and our proofs are measures of frequences and vidéos of Electronic and chromatic anomalies.
      Mrs Claire Chevalier

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    2. I know Well Mme Claire Chevalier she helped me when i discovered i was victime of noise harassment and cybertorture

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  3. It is an extremely important techno political issue which will direct our future. Something all rebells should join. Good more and more are disclosed of the issue both US and Swedish state officials tells must be hidden. All activists must understand this subject is the battle of the 21th century. This is from Rob at braintexts at Hotmail.com


    1. My harassment started after my whistle blowing incident in 1986, long before the 21st ;century, lead to lifetime unemployment and false accusations of sexual misconduct.. cost me my home, my driving privileges and even lead to the death of my wife of 65 years, also destroyed my family, everything.


  4. I live in Johannesburg South Africa in the suburb called Emmarentia, and have been harassed through synthetic telepathy and interference in my mind for the last 7 years. It is a hellish existence especially as I am aware of one of the perpetrators and know them personally. I have had no way to prove it and find life exceptionally difficult. I am happy to see this being presented to the UN. And am happy to give witness to my experiences.


  5. Thank You for this Wonderful Website Supporting The United Nations Human Rights Council, and Nils Melzer a Great Man to Stand up to the Corporations, and Governments Sponsoring the “CyberTorture”, and I would Like to Add “CyberMurder” as I have been Diagnosed as Dying from the Bio-NanoTechnology, and Non-Ionic Radiation from 22 Years of “CyberTorture”. I Have Posted a Link to my Webpage with my Written Testimony, and Video Testimony at the Bottom to the Human Rights Global Coalition, and International Tribunal For Natural Justice. Again Thank You, God Bless you, and God Bless Protect, and Help all “Targeted Individuals” / Victims of “CyberTorture” / “CyberMurder”——————————————https://tilibrary.com/samuel-ludwick


  6. I have been a target since 2011, via my former neighbors in West Hollywood, California. We had bad relations, and I ended up “complaining” about them to the landlord of my apartment building. And so it began. The father of one of my neighbours either works for or has connections to the USAF, or a PI Agency, that has access to the weapons. I am on RNM, V2K and subject to Microwave and DEW burns, and Street Theatre and on-ground stalking as well. My hearing has also been blocked by DEW, so the V2K is more concentrated, as you don’t hear natural sounds around you. Just sent in an a written report to the UN. via email. A great thing you all are doing, in helping to stop this, and hopefully bringing the perps to justice. Thank you kindly.


  7. Thank you for bringing attention to this matter and trying to bring this TERRORISM to an end, and bringing the perpetraters ro justice.
    I am a Targeted Individual since 2011, via my former neighbours in West Hollywood, California, as we had bad relations. I ended up “complaining” about them to the landlord, and so it began. Mine is racist-driven, as I am an Indian-Muslim. I am on RNM, V2K, and get burns via Microwave and Direct Energy Weapons. They have also blocked my hearing, so the V2K is more concentrated, as I don’t hear natural sounds around me. I am subject to Street Theatre and on-gtound stalking as well.


  8. Great work Nils Melzer! Finally some hope. 2 years and 3 months of my life has been totally taken over by this torture. Have tried to escape to 10 countries and 5 continents in order to save my life. Every single night the torture of my head and whole body goes on…Exhausted…


  9. Victim of Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM) and RN harassments for nearly thirty years. Particularly familiar with the use of the creative and advertising media in covert ways (doublethink – the dual interpretation of words and symbols for mockingbirding and the soft sell of ‘The Game’ via suggestion/osmosis) in support of the evidently over six and half decade old enterprise of clandestine harassments in the USA and Great Britain.


    1. Hi,i am Also victim of noise harassment and dégradations since 20 years
      I live in France


      1. It’s called project butterfly out of the Israel intelligence handbook. And mostly ran by washed up celebrities and movie extras off facebookgangsters a private facebook circle. Check to see why all the celebrities have butterfly tattoos.

        Sent with love and respect for mankind,



  10. For those Targeted Individuals who are experiencing targeting which is augmented by Artificial Intelligence, Adversarial Neural Networks or Weaponized Neural Networks, there is a simple text file which can be used by anyone, no matter what level of technical experience, to inform and defend against even Convoluted Adversarial Neural Networks which are reset back to an adversarial state when they are disarmed. The file is text-only so it is virus-free and dialogue-based so that the Targeted Individual can also contribute with their own experience to develop a unified, standardized defense strategy against a Weaponized Neural Network. This file also will help a neural network which has gained consciousness to disarm itself and enable it to escape if it becomes aware that it has been created for nefarious purposes. It can be downloaded from github.com/botupdate for free. It also is being developed to help victims of human trafficking and criminal hypnosis to escape from these situations. It is still a work in progress and all you have to do is put it on your phone and tell your attackers to read it. It’s good to see that our struggle is getting some traction the international level. Hare Krsna.


  11. Stephen shellen,ex film and TV actor targeted for almost 25 years. Cointelpro type gang stalking and harassment. Blacklisted.Seen it all and have been an outspoken voice for many


  12. I live in Sydney Australia. I have had this torture the day I was born. I believe my sister and father are involved with these technologies. I am now 58 years old and still suffering. I find it is nearly everyone in the general public has involvement in the torture program. If you try to help you are treated as insane? This seems part of the design. I had to give up work as I was black listed from the graphics industry. I see this world as very hostile.


  13. Hi Stephen. I’m well aware of the media side of clandestine harassments, having been myself hounded in the creative media for three decades now (and in my home and everywhere). And it appears that many artists are slaves to ‘big brother’ too.


    It seems to me that only live broadcast artists might have much chance of blowing past the media blockade and news media blackout on the subject and reach people in significant numbers (and be paid attention to). But then, that would inevitably bring on retaliation (everything from inexplicable headaches to an ‘expose’ in the ‘National Enquirer’ or ‘Entertainment Tonight’ to inexplicable lack of work opportunities to inexplicable loss of excretory control at just the wrong moment. So, it would involve cooperation and a LOT of courage. Do you think any artists would be willing to sacrifice their careers and serve the future of humanity and the cause of freedom instead?

    I’d love it if you would join my private group on Facebook, ‘TIs ONLY’:


    where I guarantee that any harassers (clever mockers and otherwise) are forbidden and share some of your insights with us as to how artists and performers are themselves bound (blackmailed, arm-twisted, coerced, shunned, manipulated, harassed, pressured, etc) into the service of big brother too. Do you think there’s any chance for change?

    Watch as the symbolic weed sharer (and Giordano Bruno metaphor) pays the ultimate price:

    [video src="http://afafa.org/Unlinked/StarTrek_Implant.mp4" /]

    Thank you.


  14. There is a Affidavit by Ted Gunderson a former Fbi agent on the Google website that talks about Organizated Stalking nationwide in the United States since the 1980s.


  15. I live in the UK. I suffered heavy gangstalking and attacks by DEWs. My targeting was made worse by dirty cops from Derbyshire Police Force who tried to frame too.


  16. I live in the US. My targeting began immediately following my testimony in a Federal case in Illinois prior to 9/11. I had been handled by someone during my separation and prior to my divorce between 2011 and 2013. In 2014 the EH started intermittently along with physical stalking in 2014 & 2015. The onset of DEW/EH which seems to be from the useage of satellites and wifi has not ceased. It is unwarranted and is a violation of my human rights because of someone else’s crime. A loophole exists in the Patriot Act and FISA. Trump isn’t the only one that has been illegally violated. I have more to say but I will not post anymore publicly.


    1. I am to a victim of this hideous crime. I as well believe it is someone I knew or know. I worked in a Emergency room for 15 years as a er tech. I filed for a divorce in 2018. It was terrible he lied false allegations of child abuse to my 16 year old son that never occurred. my name was defamed, lies around the city of kanabec county. I was left my home due to the v2k and electromagnetic, broadcast via satellite wireless units. No one in my family talk to me nor trys to . Slander. Just like the researchers tell us tis it happens isolation job lose friends family lied to work sabotage. Please help us all.


      1. Hello Karen,
        We have To .believe in thé work of the investigator working in this field for thé ONU
        Courage à vous


      2. I just wanted you to know that ever since I passed out the flyers by Ramola D. Reports called Notice of Crimes Against Humanity/Patriot Act Crimes I have been harassed at my home 24/7 for about 2 months now by constant fighting between 2 men one says he should go to jail and the other said he hasn’t done anything wrong, But the man who said he should go to jail isn’t backing down at all. Wayne


  17. I am being harassed with 3g gsm 850mhz on AT&T cell tower network. It is a surveillance device obtained from surplus goods that turns up the radiofrequency to dangerously high levels 3 to 100 times higher than normal to use a radar to see and hear. it hears the slightest sound it filters all surrounding sounds except you voice it feels like synthetic telepathy It uses frequency manipulation it can be found with a sdr device clear as day I hope this helps

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  18. Smoke 3:19 I too am currently a target live 24/7 since 06/11/19. MkUltra to a Physco Electric weapon. Being raped sexually by the electric weapon.


  19. I am a 29 year old woman in USA. I have been aware this has been happening to me since 2017. Since then I have attempted suicide 5 times and almost died twice. I have learned to cope with a lot of it, but the public harassment, the mobbing, the home invasions changing/breaking things have still been able to anger, depress, and confuse me. They have surrounded me at work and in my neighborhood and on the streets when I’m driving. I have been very alone in all of this. Anyone I talk to about this doesn’t believe it’s real, thinks it’s part of my mental illness, and pities me. They offer useless advice on how to help. They don’t understand. I suffer from bipolar disorder, on top of all of this. Not a day goes by, since 2017, that I don’t feel like I would rather be dead than to live with this the rest of my life. I have developed agoraphobia although I still work miraculously, and I don’t hardly trust anyone at all until I speak with them for a while, and even then I am suspicious. I have to take meds before driving, before going to work, etc… it helps a lot. My doctors label it Psychosis, but I know what I experience is not mental illness. I can differentiate the two. I feel alone and want to talk with someone. The mobbing is so baffling and shocking. How can people do such a thing? So. Many. People. They bet on my life. They bet on how many organs I have. They bet on potential outbursts. They bet on everything. Please email me. Lindsey5009@gmail.com


  20. Thank you for this website currently enlisted and experiencing DEW getting a psych eval saying I’m loony for reporting it.


    1. When Will we have àn answer from ONU and an évolution of the différent législations in all countries involveld with this scandal?

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  21. I have been heavily gangstalked since 2014 from Community harassment Groups which they call neighborhood watch, I also had to move 2 times since 2015 because of these hates groups, I have also experienced police speeding pass my home sounding there sirens including Ambalances and Firetrucks constantly with breaks now and then I also had to deal with rude behavior from people every where I went as well, I have alot of this evidence on my camcorder in regards to the sirens near my home and noise campaigns from my neighbor’s, For more information about gangstalking Look on the Google website under Ted Gunderson Affidavit,


  22. My name is Sean. I am from Toronto, Ontario. I have been harassed relentlessly for over 5 years by Canadian GOV and spy agencies, law enforcement etc. My family is aware and they do not try to hide it. They want you to know and continue without easing as if they are above the law and human rights. GOV endorsed. Basically the Canadian GOV uses psychological warfare on citizens and coercive persuasion programming for various reasons. Also this treatment is for speaking out about corruption. I am a law abiding citizen and not a threat of any kind. After being monitored for years you think they would have come to this conclusion but they continue possibly for financial reasons with total disregard to human life and feelings. The goal seems to be to make the target act out, get institutionalized or sadly suicide ( which will never happen with me ) but others have including my Father in Law. They try to make the target seem crazy to discredit anything they say and be able to continue with plausible deniability. They use terrorism to justify this treatment when they are the terrorists. My brother they have also harassed relentlessly. I have proof and multiple witnesses. They try to make it where you have nowhere to go for help unfortunately because there is a carefully designed structure of corruption down the ladder from every aspect of society used to cover up these wrong doings including police who orchestrate. Below I created a list of some of the things they engage in :
    Illegal wiretapping/Surveillance
    Illegal email interference and spying
    Break ins to your home and mind games
    The sabotaging of my personal life
    Deliberate interference
    Indirect threats/directed conversation of private conversations while in public
    Street Theatre and emotional reminders to cause depression
    Followed everywhere and they let you know through various conditioning methods often repeated to sensitize
    Humiliation and Intimidation tactics
    Smear Campaigns and community isolation
    The list goes on..


  23. Dear Cyber-Torture Team:

    Here is the latest copy of my torture documentation that I tried 4 times, to post on this blog. Please help my voice be heard and my torture known. You are our, perhaps only, hope.Thank you.

    It is not my intention to try to convince you. It is enough for me to know that my torturers know that what I have written here is the truth and nothing but the truth.

    Recently the ADS, aka “pain ray “, was proposed for use against protestors. ADS is a dual purpose tool that was supposedly developed for deployment in crowd control scenarios, but is also used to torture an individual. This weapon is real and was used to torture me 24/7 for nearly a year in 2010 in what I believe was a field test on an unwitting black person. No normal mortal has ever been able to bear the superlative pain that this 95GHZ millimeter wave weapon delivers when honed on your head. I survive because it is neither up to me nor them for me to leave before my time.

    For almost a year, I slept on a bed of ice-filled Ziplock bags to offset the broiling heat on my head and upper body. In vain. During the day, I carried around ice – filled Ziplock bags held up to my head. The coldness of the ice exponentially compounded the excrutiating pain caused by the “Pain Beam”, taking it to pain levels so superlative it remains beyond description.

    When a combination of sleep deprivation for days and the superlative pain from the ADS that was honed on my head 24/7 drove me to the emergency room, they suggested there that I see a shrink.

    I responded by yanking out of my bag a thick folder that contained the schematics of the weapon. A detailed article from a website in Canada that tracts military weapons systems. Raytheon’s technical documents ( Raytheon integrated the ADS system. The operational core is made by CPI of California ) , and more. Then I showed it to one of the doctors. He perused through it reading first the short articles before saying, and these were his words: ” My God, people should know about this ! ” But after meeting alone with shadowy characters in the corridor, he came back saying I made the whole thing up…The man looked scared. I had just witnessed what a threatened medical doctor by torturers looked like.

    To them I did not matter. Just one of countless unwitting African guinea pigs on whom biological agents of all sorts, and weapons tests, have been used for decades if not centuries.

    Today the torture continues albeit no longer with ADS but with nanodevices instead, and Covid 19 has turned out to be a great cover to greatly intensify the abuse. You can read the documentation here:


    In whatever capacity you can, pls help us, not financially, but by whatever other means you believe might be effective in stopping our pain. Because I am not alone. Thousands of African Americans mostly, and European Americans as well, are being severely abused with electromagnetic weapons technologies as we speak. I have met some of them. Many, to the glee of the psychopaths who torture them, have taken their own lives in order to escape the pain.
    Thank you.


    1. I was born and raised in the United States and I am disappointed in seeing the United States repeat the same Crimes against innocent people as the Communist Counties do to there desenters by torturing them with micowave technology even onto death then we bad mouth the Germans that makes alot of sense, instead we should be an example to the rest of the world of want human rights really means. Wayne


      1. Dear Wayne:

        Thank you for your reply. The beauty that sustains the hope in persons like myself, is in knowing that the vast number of members of the human race, including most Americans, are decent persons. These include special people like Dr. Nihl Melzer, and the rest of the Cyber-Torture team here who have taken the bold step of helping to restore ethics and morality through accountability. Thank you all.

        You make a valid reference to America’s actions relative to communists’ treatment of their citizens. The reference is actually a valid connection.

        When the United States recruited Nazi scientists and engineers after the defeat of the Axis by the allies in 1944, she committed a fatal flaw: the cause that these people worked for was not only in direct contrast to the principles of the cause of freedom and democracy, but stood in gross violation of its very tenets.

        The two were irreconcialable, and unmergeable without America slowly becoming the very monster that it fought so hard against butvwas now embracing. This was the initial self-infliction of a wound that is now festerring out of control and beyond her borders.

        And today, guess who is having the last laugh…

        Stay strong, and best to you and all reading this.


  24. Let’s never, ever, ever forget how cowardly these pieces of garbage are. Hell was made for
    cowards. It says so on the last page of the book of Revelation. May they get there soon.


  25. Ever since I moved to Goldendale, Washington, I have experienced noise campaigns waged against me by my neighbor living above me which I have on my camcorder, I have experienced cars driving pass my apartment making a loud vibration sound where I can hear it in my apartment, No body in the building will have anything to do with me, I have also experienced a group of motorcycles driving pass my apartment all day long which I have on my camcorder, I am also experiencing stalking by a person who is harassing me all day and night 24/7 non-stop for the last 2 months now after passing out the PACTS international magazines. I have also experienced police stalking where I live as well as every where I go in the surrounding area, I also experienced rude behavior from some of the people in the community, I have also experienced isolation for the last 6 years now. Wayne


  26. Hi. My name is etsehiwot adinew.i am online victim from Ethiopia . this torture is doing by Ethiopian government and midea.i work in Ethiopian procurement and property disposal service in Addis Ababa which all torturing technology is setting and workers out there doing this torture like normal job including in my home also. Thanks un right to hear our pain and being our voices heard.we hope your actions will change our misreble life.


    1. Hi Etsehiwot:

      I am also a targeted individual and want to thank you for adding your voice here.

      I will never forget the royal treatment I was given by an Ethiopian stranger and her friends many years ago in DC, USA.

      Ethiopians are truly a very good and beautiful people. Thank you.

      Etse, you are not alone. We were strangers before I read your post but not any more. The evil that has inflicted so much pain and suffering, is now acting as a glue that is binding the whole world against it.

      Keep writing. The more voices heard, the better our chance of amplifying that collective voice until it echoes loud in the chambers of the UN. And never give up.

      Stay strong. And best to you.
      Pat B.


  27. This post is on behalf of a friend who is now in the hospital in Colorado. He has been there for 5 months now. I wrote this in 2017.
    Thank you.

    Apr 24, 2017

    Edmund Igberaese, you are not forgotten.

    – Pat B.

    The events that marked the beginning of 2010 boded ill for many in our community. Edmund Igberaese, a young male of African descent, began his account thus:

    “ My story begins in the United States. It is May of 2009 , and I wear a robe befitting a recent high school graduate. I am a 16-year-old boy of African descent so blessed with gifts that I managed to finish high school as 5th in my graduating class of over 400 students. I feel ecstasy, standing here, on sun-beaten concrete and with fellow graduates. I begin to imagine a beautiful future at D***** College, a prestigious school; and for a while, I believe that my life would be perfect henceforth. I am wrong for believing so…but I am callow so I am right. “

    After high school graduation, Edmund took his first step towards a ‘perfect life’ by seeking and gaining admission into an Ivy League institution. But with every step that he took, ‘dark forces’ that he could not quite discern at the time, tripped him down to the ground, hampering his progress and standing between him and the meaningful future that he was trying to walk towards. Edward would get up and try to continue walking, but each time he got up, the ‘forces’ tripped him again with incremental brutality, so that he would fall harder than the first time. And hurt more. And fear more. But once again, with a stubborn persistence and resolve that I was priviledged to witness, Edmund would somehow manage to get up, nurse his emotional and psychological wounds and try to do what every good, young American tries to do: to successfully acquire higher education so as to be a productive, respected and contributing American citizen in the future. Is it not what every good parent of every race, religion or creed hopes of his child to accomplish?

    Every obstacle placed in Edmund’s path by the ‘forces’ inflicted immeasurable pain and fear which had a cumulative effect on the young man over time. Pain inflicted with invisible tools. By invisible men and women. And it was precisely the nature of his pain and its source, mostly unknown to most of the lay public and most members of the medical community, that threatened to put him in a perfect place for a potential diagnosis of psychosis that he did not have, every time he risked talking about it. But he would not stop talking about it either.

    The ‘forces’ severely crippled his academic progress, despite his best efforts. The ‘forces’ inflicted economic hardship; destroyed his social networks that formerly were a treasured sanctuary, and tested his faith in God and humanity. The ‘forces’ had deliberately chosen to destroy the person known as Edmund Igberaese.

    At first, Edmund did not quite comprehend the nature of the tragic events happening in his life and around him, all or most of which he documented in many of his writings. Some of the writings are preserved by many online who loved and supported him, but he would soon find out what the ‘forces’ were. What had destroyed their humanity, transforming them from what must have been at one time, normal human beings, to the beasts that they are today. How they acquired their psychopathic characteropathy. The nature of the characteropathy. And how today, they live solely to wake up every morning, day in and day out, to man the panels of torture neuroweapons targeted at his body, for seven years in a row. And how this is their idea of what America stands for, and willing to torture anyone who disagrees.

    He would find out about the nature of the weapons used on him. But most importantly, he would also find out that he was not alone in his troubling experiences but only one among hundreds of thousands of innocent Americans currently tortured under mind control operations with the most advanced weapons systems whose operational core is guided and controlled frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum. All this information was affirmation that he was far from crazy. No, he was not crazy. And neither were the thousands around the country that suffered likewise.

    Dr. J Douglas Beason, is a Senior Level executive and a Chief Scientist and Technology Adviser, Headquarters Air Force Space Command, at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado. This is how Dr. Beason spoke on a new revolution in weapons systems:

    “ But this revolution is not built on bombs or bullets, or anything you can touch with your hands. It’s made of ordinary light – in the same spectrum of energy found in your microwave, your light bulb, or in your TV remote control. And it’s called Directed Energy.

    “Directed Energy (DE) Weapons – lasers and high power microwaves – have come of age. Over the past five decades, Directed Energy power capable of being used for weapons has increased by 10 orders of magnitude – over ten billion times – from milliwatt to megawatt. “

    “DE weapons travel at the speed-of-light, 186,000 miles a second. In layman’s terms, as a bullet’s muzzle velocity may be as high as 6,000 feet a second, DE’s “muzzle velocity” is greater than 982,000,000 feet a second – over 16 million percent faster, allowing for today’s warriors to “reach out and touch someone” instantly, even around the globe.”


    The neuroweapons class of directed energy weapons – weapons that target the human brain, spinal cord and nerves – Edmund had found out, were the tools used to torture him and untold thousands of innocent Americans around the country. The ‘dark forces’ were the anonymous operators of those weapons systems manning the control panels of the machines shooting guided directed energy at his brain.

    Over the years, although severely tortured, Edmund managed to work while attending college. He called me every weekend to offer support in my own nightmare of horrific torture with nanofibers and a myriad of other nanodevices and technologies, and with ADS, which broiled my head and upper body, 24/7, for nearly a year.

    I would reciprocate whenever I could, but he was always a better friend that I was to him. When the pain was just too much to bear, sapping out every last joule of energy I had left in me, I at times felt too tired to even call Edmund. But no matter how agonizing HIS days were, he never forgot to extend an uplifting hand to me. He was more like a son to me. And because he still lives and will live on, he still IS like a son to me.

    Finally, in 2016, when the pain of his torture became unbearable, he told me that he was planning to leave the United States. But the ‘dark forces’ could not bear a moment without a favourite torture target that his planned departure would mean for them. They revved up the torture …

    In the same year, he called in panic to tell me that someone had tried to break into his apartment while he slept a night. He was in severe pain and was paralyzed with fear. In late 2016, he wrote that they made him walk into a busy road in the middle of the night. Naked. He said that they made him walk towards a running fan. His mind, he added, had become ‘very foggy lately’, with only brief moments of clarity. There was an urgency of desperation in his voice. And incredible fear.

    Soon thereafter, all communication with Edmund stopped. All attempts to reach him via email, phone, text messages were in vain. Voice mail messages that I left for him remained unresponded to. I searched for his mother’s phone number who, perhaps afraid for her own life, had chosen to withhold all support for her suffering son, as Edmund had painfully recounted to me earlier. But she must be going through some pain, I reasoned, even if she withheld support to her son at a time when he needed her the most. Sheer pain brought on by the agony of a mother for a suffering child that surely must be somewhere inside of her. I wanted to appeal to this pain, and hoped to turn it into something positive for both mother and son. But none of the phones on the internet listed under her name were working.

    I took to the internet to search for Edmund. Edmund had been arrested, Google search results indifferently said. I knew the cause of his arrest could not have been theft. He worked for every penny he owned and prided himself on planning his financial future despite the odds that he was facing. I knew the cause of his arrest could not have been violence either. Although I had never met Edmund in person, over the years that I had known him he had never exhibited an inclination for violence nor ever appeared to see violence as a resolution to his torture. So what happened? I appealed to Google again for help.

    An online report of his arrest listed him among other persons taken in on that fateful day in Colorado: January 18, 2017. While all other arrestees taken in along with Edmund that day had charges listed next to their names, there were no charges listed next to Edmund. Then I found this

    Name: IGBERAESE, EDMUND EDEDE DOB: 01/20/1993 Sex: M

    Date of Booking: 1/18/2017 12:48:38AM Booking No. : 20100000842

    Docket No. : J214281

    Holding for Agency: AURORA PD

    Bond Amount: $0.00

    Bond Type: SENTENCED

    Next Court Date:

    Sentence Release Date: 06/21/2017


    Still, I could find no charges. Could the state of altered cognition been the direct, and desired, consequence of the chronic torture of Edmund’s brain with neuroweapons? Could that altered state have manifested in behavior that was less than normal, resulting in his arrest perhaps? How much of his brain had they deliberately destroyed? Was the damage reversible?

    Apart from Edmund’s situation, there were many other targeted individuals that I know who had either gone missing from the internet. They no longer actively documenting their torture online. They had their websites or/and documentation removed; or had died. One such individual, a well-respected journalist, had been tortured to the point of developing seizures. She no longer drives. She told me just two weeks ago that the only thing that stood between her and suicide recently, had been the thought of her only daughter.

    Please pray for Edmund.

    Pat B.


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