Developments in Neuroweapons

Neuroscientist Dr. James Giordano. Neuro-Weapons. Cyber Directed Energy Weapons. Brain Implants.

In his presentation neuro scientist dr. James Giordano explains about
current and future developments in neuroweapons and about how
individuals and groups can be targeted in various sophisticated ways
such as the directed energy weapons used on US embassy workers in
Cuba. He also mentions transcranial neuro modulation, a method for
reading and writing into the brain function in real time remotely.

Other means such as drugs, bugs, devices and weaponized biology and
bio-data are also mentioned as well as the newest developments with
nano-particulate matter, used to create small controllable robotic
units at the nano scale, that can be aerosolized and weaponized. He
finishes of questioning whether civilian ethics are even viable
anymore, as military ethics are dominating everything.

Cyber psychological systems like cognitive radio are used to interrupt human perceptions and memory. They can also be used to spy on people violating personal integrity which could lead to corruption and slavery in society. Cyber torture is also called no-touch torture or brain-machine interface.

One way to handle this situation is to regulate new technologies and use AI control mechanisms by independent and impartial investigators. The evidence gathered could then be used to convict criminals easier and quicker in the future.

Professor Meltzer and his team is now underway to create an international legal framework covering cyber technologies that can cause torture which previously was hard to prove. In the future it may be necessary to establish Radio Frequency Spectrum police in order to protect humanity from cyber terrorism. Nils Meltzer also revealed to me personally that the HRC will release several reports on this subject soon in the future.

  1. Owen Bowcott, ‘UN warns of rise of ‘cybertorture’ to bypass physical ban’ (The Guardian, March 2020)

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